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It’s All About the Ingredients

Pet Age Staff//December 4, 2013//

It’s All About the Ingredients

Pet Age Staff //December 4, 2013//

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We recently talked with Oscar E. Tenorio, product line manager at PureLife 4Pets, about the company’s research and how the line of animal supplements was born.

Q: Tell us how PureLife 4Pets got started.
Tenorio: PureLife 4Pets is a family-owned company that started trading ingredients between the U.S., Latin America and Europe in 2000. In 2009, when I started in the company, I was amazed at all these ingredients and one of them caught my attention. At that time, I just had moved from Charleston, S.C., to South Florida with my Weimaraner “Zizu,” and I think the humidity and hot weather gave him skin issues.
I took a concentrated Omega-3 ingredient we had and started giving it to him after consulting with our vet, of course. After I saw the results, I knew I had to explore more. We spent about 3 ½ years researching ingredients, their sources and designing the best combinations.
In August 2012, we launched four products: Joint Mobility, Antioxidant Protection, Immune Support and Omega-3 Support, which uses the concentrated ingredient I gave Zizu.

Q: Explain how research and testing play a part in your products.
Tenorio: For me, knowing that what we are putting in each product will create a health benefit for our pets is the greatest satisfaction of my job. With help from our lab and third-party testing we can ensure that our products do what we say they do and customers can rest assured that all of our claims and marketing material has been tested and audited.
We are active members of the National Animal Supplement Council, which ensures consumers are buying from a reputable manufacturer. The NASC seal is a privilege that signifies that the member company has been audited for implementation of specific quality-control standards.

Q: As product line manager, what’s a typical week like for you?
Tenorio: A typical week for me is anything but typical, but there are a couple of things I do every week. One is answer any communication from our website; I am actually the person that replies to any questions, testimonials and comments.
I also take part in a weekly staff meeting in which we review the week and plan for the next. I also enjoy going to the industry trade shows and local events, which occur throughout the year.
The amazing thing about this industry is that it is in constant change and there is always something new or improved, so I also spend time every week with the research and development team.

Q: Your slogan is, “when ingredients matter.” How does that reflect your company’s mission?
Tenorio: We chose that slogan because those are our roots: Ingredients. Dealing with the raw materials for over a decade has given us deep knowledge about the industry of supplements and nutraceuticals, and how to put them together to get the most benefit.
In fact, since I started giving the Omega-3 Support to Zizu, he hasn’t had any skin issues. We have received many testimonials from customers that have used supplements before on their pets for either joint or skin issues and they don’t seem to see a difference. But once they try PureLife 4Pets, they are amazed.

Q: Zizu, your dog, has a unique story. Tell us about it.
Tenorio: Zizu was born on June 28, 2006, north of Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. His mom was adopted the previous year after she lost her home and family to Hurricane Katrina. She was one of the surviving dogs that was left behind during the storm.
A family that had owned Weimaraners before, adopted her, and a year later she gave birth to a litter of six puppies. One of them is Zizu. He is truly my best friend. His personality and character have enriched my life in a way I never imagined.