Independent Pet Supply to Distribute D.O.G.

Pet Age Staff//August 29, 2018

Independent Pet Supply to Distribute D.O.G.

Pet Age Staff //August 29, 2018

Do Only Good Pet Nutrition (D.O.G.) announced the agreement with Independent Pet Supply (IPS), of Snohomish, Washington, as exclusive distributor for the Northwestern United States.

D.O.G. produces and markets a line of single protein kibble and pate foods. IPS is a distributor of pet products to independent pet stores in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

“I am very pleased to announce Independent Pet Supply to exclusively represent our brand,” said Rick Pack, founder of D.O.G. “They represent the type of family-owned distributors we are looking to partner with because they share our passion and commitment to the independent pet retailer.”

D.O.G. foods are formulated by pet nutritionist Dr. Randall Johnson. Do Only Good offers a variety of single meat and fish proteins, including beef, chicken, duck, lamb, turkey and white fish. All D.O.G. foods are made with a single meat or fish protein. The benefit is that the dog owner knows exactly what meat or fish they are feeding their dog.

All D.O.G. recipes use the same natural vegetables, minerals and vitamins which are certified for organic use, making it easier for dog owners to rotate different recipes into their dog’s diet without creating digestive issues or an upset stomach that commonly occurs when you switch foods.

“Our foods are designed and formulated to act as a rotational feeding system that adds variety to a dog’s diet and also helps reduce the chances of dogs developing food allergies,” Dr. Johnson said. “Today, more and more vets are recommending single protein and rotational diets.”

D.O.G. foods include a proprietary Nutri-Power Boost, an all-natural blend of vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetable that are certified for organic use. It includes chia seed, broccoli, apple, spinach prebiotic fiber and other nutrient rich foods to maximize the health and longevity of your dog. Nutri-Power Boost has over 20 natural vegetables, minerals and vitamin supplements that boost the nutritional value of our foods.

“We are delighted to add D.O.G. foods to our line-up of super premium quality foods,” said Keya Khorami, owner of IPS. “We always strive to introduce new innovative foods to our customers, and D.O.G. offers superior value and nutrition. We look forward to a close partnership. IPS has been servicing the needs of independent pet stores for over 23 years. The company is family-owned and distributes a wide range of pet food and accessory products to independent pet stores.”


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