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Pet Age Staff//July 24, 2019//

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Pet Age Staff //July 24, 2019//

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Cats are often considered relatively low-maintenance pets when compared to some other companion animals. You don’t need to take them out for walks like you do with dogs, or provide them with a carefully monitored aquatic environment as is the case with fish. Fresh food and water, a clean litter box, a warm bed and some TLC is typically all they really need to thrive. But sometimes cats require a little bit more to keep them healthy and happy, and that’s where supplements come in.

There are a number of cat health supplements on the market these days, and retailers would benefit from learning about and carrying as many of these types of products as possible in order to offer pet owners various solutions. Health supplements mentioned in this section include chews that may help stressed out kitties feel more calm, products that can relieve itching associated with allergies and drops intended to improve digestion. There are also supplements to strengthen the immune system or promote healthy joints and a normal inflammatory response.

However, it’s important to note that health supplements should not be used in place of taking cats to the vet and using medical intervention when necessary.

“Regular veterinary visits are generally viewed as a ‘need,’ not a ‘want,’” said John Gibbons, The Pet Business Professor, in his “U.S. Pet Industry $ales in 2018: $72.56B – Taking a Closer Look” report from April 2019. “However, the high inflation rate over the years finally reached a point where pet parents, especially those with income pressure, started delaying or foregoing regular procedures entirely. They looked for substitutes in OTC medicines, supplements and treatments whenever possible.” So, whenever customers are shopping for a cat health supplement, it’s essential for retailers to suggest that the animal is also seen and treated by a medical professional.

Tomlyn RelaxCalmRelax & Calm by Tomlyn

Tomlyn’s Relax & Calm is an easy-to-give, chicken-flavored chew that helps pets cope with stressful situations. L-tryptophan and chamomile help promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Ginger helps settle uneasy stomachs that often accompany stress and anxiety in pets. Perfect addition for travel.









healthy paws herbals allergy itch reliefHealthy Paws Herbals

Healthy Paws Herbals Allergy + Itch Relief was created for pets with an itchy skin/coat associated with allergies and/or sinusitis, red eyes, dermatitis, eczema, rash and excessive mucus in the eyes and/or nose. The formula has a drying effect as well as anti-itching. Simply add to a cat’s water or food. Healthy Paws Herbals offers safe, natural and non-toxic allergy and itch relief.



Pet Allergen reducerPet Allergen Reducer

Pet Allergen Reducer is a first-of-its-kind, all-natural supplement that reduces the Fel d 1 protein in cats’ saliva and skin. One dose per day can be given to cats in food or a treat to reduce allergy symptoms. Results can be seen after 30 to 90 days of continuous use.








fish oil supplement for petsFish Oil Supplements by Bravo!

Bravo Pet Food’s new Super Omega-3 Concentrated Icelandic 18/12 Fish Oil Blend for dogs and cats is all-natural and properly balanced for animal nutrition. The highly concentrated fish oil is made from freshly caught Icelandic mackerel, anchovy, sardine and herring, and contains Omega-3 EPA and DHA fatty acids.







probonix liquid probioticsProbonix Liquid Probiotics

Probonix liquid probiotics can improve pets’ overall digestive health. Administering Probonix to pets is simple: just put the recommended number of drops onto pets’ food or in their water once per day. There’s no powder to sprinkle or pill to swallow—and pets go crazy for its liver flavor.







Pet-Riodontal, by Sustenance Herbs, is a revolutionary new dental health product that contains probiotics and enzymes specific to the oral microbiome that will benefit every dog and cat. It’s extremely palatable, easy to administer and cost-effective. It should be used after each meal for optimal results.





grizzly pet calming aidGrizzly Calming Aid

This unique calming solution for both dogs and cats combines natural PCR hemp oil with wild Antarctic krill oil for exceptional palatability and great taste. Available in a 2-ounce dropper bottle or a 4-ounce pump bottle, Grizzly Calming Aid promotes relaxation, and helps pets manage stressful situations and hyperactivity.









Vet + Instinct Joint Health supplementVet + Instinct Joint Health Supplement

This product supports a healthy inflammatory response and the normal repair of connective tissue in pets using green-lipped mussel, organic turmeric, pumpkin seed extract and boswellia extract. In addition to joint health, it cares for the whole of the animal with organic spirulina, algae, organic brewer’s yeast and organic Reishi mushroom.







DHN CATSDaily Health Nuggets

Daily Health Nuggets by Earth Animal help complete the daily diets of dogs and cats, whether it is dry kibble, canned food, home-cooking or raw-food diets. Avoiding the cooking process, the Nuggets give back vitamins, minerals and Omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids that have been destroyed by cooking. They are a one-of-a-kind, natural (and tasty!) science-based supplement that pets need and crave for optimal health.





NHV essentialsNHV Supplements

NHV Natural Pet Products’ line of herbal remedies are formulated by a holistic vet and master herbalist. NHV supplements are 100 percent natural and vet-approved. NHV natural products have been helping pets feel better for over two decades.




Treatibles SoftChewCatsTreatibles Soft Chews

Treatibles Soft Chews for cats feature organic full-spectrum hemp oil, catnip, turmeric, papain and bromelain. The chews help instill calm, normal emotional balance and ease, support a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system, and promote healthy joints, flexibility and a normal inflammatory response.



PetGuard supplementPetGuard Yeast & Garlic Supplements

PetGuard Yeast & Garlic Supplements will nourish and strengthen pets naturally with protein and the essential B-complex vitamins. Protein and trace minerals are essential nutrients necessary for enhancing a pet’s vitality and stamina, and work to build their natural immune system. Available in powder and wafer form.



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