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iDeals Offers New Mobile Option for Retailers

Pet Age Staff//December 21, 2012//

iDeals Offers New Mobile Option for Retailers

Pet Age Staff //December 21, 2012//

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Retailers can now create and manage their own customized loyalty programs, extend sales cycles, while making it easier for their business to retain customers.

iDeals Marketing Platform, by 2Go Media, eliminates the need for retailers to print and supply their customers with traditional punch cards. Instead, customers can simply enroll their own personal debit or credit cards in loyalty programs offered by individual retailers.

Each time the enrolled card is used to make a purchase with the retailer, the customer accrues loyalty points as designated by the retail business owner. The coupons are then automatically distributed to 2Go Media’s as well as other shopping sites, deal radar, search engines and the merchant’s social networks.

The service integrates the First Data OffWise solution, so when a customer purchases the coupon or locks in the discount, it is linked to the payment card and the discount is automatically applied when the merchant swipes it. Completely paperless and automated, card-linking streamlines redemption for the merchant.