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‘I and love and you’ Debuts New Recipes

February 14, 2018

With dog and cat owners expressing a desire to have the option to purchase food appropriate for pets with food sensitivities, “I and love and you” has crafted a line of limited ingredient (LID) dry pet food. The new recipe features a short list of only the most wholesome ingredients for dogs and cats with sensitivities to poultry, beef, grains, white potatoes, soy, corn, rice, dairy and eggs.

The Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University lists chicken, beef, dairy and eggs, as the most common sensitivities among pets. “I and love and you” used this as the cornerstone to develop the recipes for Lovingly Simple.

“I and love and you” promotes a protein-rich diet, which is why Lovingly Simple contains 30 percent protein for dogs and 36 percent protein for cats.

“The new Lovingly Simple recipes address some of the common food sensitivity issues pet owners see today, without sacrificing protein levels,” said Lindsey Rabaut, VP of Marketing and Innovation for “I and love and you.” “With everything we do at ‘I and love and you,’ we aim to increase the bond between pets and their humans. Finding a holistic, wholesome food with premium ingredients that keeps pets happy is key to that bond. The best food is the best love.”

“Food allergies account for around 10-15 percent of all the allergies seen in dogs and about 40 percent of all allergies seen in cats,” said Dr. Steve Sanderlin, holistic and conventional D.V.M. “Oftentimes, pet owners feel overwhelmed by the food choices available for their pet. Finding a solution that works for their pet’s specific sensitivity can be a challenge.”

Knowing the symptoms of food sensitivities is important for all pet owners. According to Sanderlin, the most common food reactions involve redness/itching/dermatitis of the feet, under arms, inner thighs, ears or face and digestive issues such as chronic mal-digestion with diarrhea and gas production.

“I encourage pet owners to consult with their vet if they suspect an allergy,” Dr. Sanderlin said.

Lovingly Simple is available in a Lamb & Sweet Potato or Whitefish & Sweet Potato recipe for dogs and Salmon & Sweet Potato for cats.

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