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High-peractive Cats

Pet Age Staff//September 18, 2019//

High-peractive Cats

Pet Age Staff //September 18, 2019//

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Reputation doesn’t always align with reality. While cats are known for setting up camp in a favorite spot and napping for long stretches throughout the day, in reality they are social, active animals that need their fair share of stimulation and interaction.

According to the “Feline Behavior Guidelines” report by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, “Providing an enriched environment will prevent many potential behavior problems that can occur secondary to under-stimulation and stress.”

Some of that enrichment for house cats occurs naturally: watching birds and other outdoor animals through a window, tending to their feline siblings. There are also plenty of toys and other products that not only complement those types of experiences but also allow owners to form a stronger bond with their pets, as well as provide help with teaching situations.

“Cats can be taught to sit, come, shake a paw and a variety of other tricks, either by use of clicker training or by use of food treats, catnip or toys as rewards,” the “Feline Behavior Guidelines” report says.

There’s plenty of fun to be had as well, with catnip products featuring a variety of colors and sounds that are meant to catch a cat’s eye and stoke a feline’s hunting instincts while also generating some exercise.

As much as cats need stimulation, they also need moments during the day when they can wind down and deal with stress and anxiety. Flavorful treats that contain catnip are available to handle that, while at the same time contributing to a cat’s health.

By providing an assortment of catnip toys and treats to enhance a cat’s daily routine, retailers will be enriching the lives of both felines and cat owners alike.

Treatibles SoftChewCatsTreatibles Soft Chews

Treatibles Soft Chews for cats feature organic full-spectrum hemp oil, catnip, turmeric, papain and bromelain. The chews help instill calm, normal emotional balance and ease, support a healthy digestive tract and strong immune system, and they promote healthy joints, flexibility and a normal inflammatory response.


bothFUZZU Donald and Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin Toys

It’s all about Donald! Stylin’ with his golden tan, quaffed plush hair and flashy garb, this cat toy features top-stitched floppy elbows and knees for active play and strategic posing. Putin is bow-legged, high in the saddle and loaded for a bear (or cat). He’s a one-man pistol-packin’ pardner on the prairie! Both toys are available in 8-inch size and feature U.S.-grown, certified-organic catnip.




Gone Fishin’ Cat Toys

Award-winning Gone Fishin’ are digitally printed realistic-looking fish. Available in small-size toys, larger “hug n kick” size and teaser wands. Each lifelike fish contains irresistible catnip and crinkle inside. Cats will love to chase, hug and bat around these toys. Each item is available as three assorted fish.




Meowijuana is 100 percent organic catnip that is grown in Southern California and the state of Washington and then hand-trimmed. The catnip is presented in marijuana-inspired packaging and given marijuana-inspired names, such as “Catnip Buds,” “Catnip Blunt,” “Catnibas Meowy J’s” and the brand’s most popular item, “Purrple Passion.”



Yeowww Catnip Crayons (7)Yeowww!-ola Catnip Crayons

Spark kitty’s creativity with this set of three colorful toys 100 percent filled with Yeowww! organically grown catnip—no fillers and no chemicals. All this delicious catnip comes encased in durable cotton twill that is strong enough canvas for even the most enthusiastic artist.



therabis calm quiet


Therabis Calm and Quiet

Calm and Quiet Cat Soft Chews are formulated to help ease stress and anxiety, ease pain and increase joint mobility in cats while maintaining calm energy to keep them at their social and emotional best. These fast-acting chews consist of L-theanine, L-taurine and full spectrum hemp in an appetizing chicken and catnip flavor that cats enjoy.



Mad Cat Kickers


Mad Cat Kickers

Mad Cat crinkly kickers are “purrfect” for kicking, cuddling and wrestling. They’re filled with a potent custom blend of all-natural catnip and silvervine for twice the cat attractants and twice the fun. The added crinkle inside each kicker creates enticing sounds with every kick and pounce.



P.L.A.Y. Feline Frenzy Catnip ToyFeline Frenzy Cat Toys

P.L.A.Y.’s new collection offers eight different sets of enticing plush toys featuring crinkly paper and built-in refillable pouches that are pre-stuffed with USDA Organic catnip from Oregon. Inspired by the company’s popular collection of plush dog toys, this fun assortment of cat toys features a variety of engaging shapes and textures.



SmoochiesSticker_wrapperSmoochies Catnip Stickers

Smoochies Catnip Stickers are the first stickers made with real catnip. Catnip can now be stuck on anything, which allows everything to be turned into a cat top. Each sticker is embedded with fine organic catnip. The stickers can be attached and removed with ease, leaving no mess and no catnip residue. They are available in a variety of retail display options.