Health Extension Debuts New Dental Bones for Dogs

Pet Age Staff//May 21, 2018//

Health Extension Debuts New Dental Bones for Dogs

Pet Age Staff //May 21, 2018//

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Oral care is an essential part of caring for a pet’s overall health. Frequently removing plaque and tartar can help prevent the most common oral diseases in pets. With Health Extension’s new Dental Bones for dogs, pet parents have a nutritious and delicious option to promote great oral hygiene.

The unique texture of Health Extension Dental Bones scrubs plaque and tartar away with every bite. Safe for all ages, they’re specially formulated with kelp and parsley to naturally freshen breath. Plus, these flavorful, long-lasting chews are 100 percent digestible and are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, like flax oil and Omega 3s.

“At Health Extension, we recognize the importance of caring for our pet’s oral health and the fact that not every pet parent may be able to brush their pet’s teeth,” says Brad Gruber, president of Health Extension. “With our dental bones, dogs can enjoy a highly palatable treat that will also help clean teeth and freshen their breath.”

Dogs will savor the tasty flavors, which include Fresh Breath, Cheese and Peanut Butter, while pet parents will enjoy the functionality they provide of keeping up with oral hygiene. A Probiotic option is also available and is made with real yogurt and loaded with prebiotic and probiotic ingredients for digestive health.

Made in the USA, Health Extension Dental Bones—which are available in small, medium and large sizes—are free from rawhide, grain, gluten, soy and GMO ingredients and do not contain any artificial colors or flavors



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