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Harmful Super Bowl Foods for Pets

Michelle Maskaly//January 31, 2014//

Harmful Super Bowl Foods for Pets

Michelle Maskaly //January 31, 2014//

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Who doesn’t love the Super Bowl? It’s practically a national holiday. And, this year with it being in our backyard here in New Jersey, it is even more exciting.

But, with all the good food, loud screams when your team scores, or loud unprintable words being said your team doesn’t, there are plenty of opportunities for a pet to get stressed or sick.

Food is likely the biggest challenge, because as many times as you tell your little cousin not to give the dog any treats from the table, you know they are bound to slip them at least a tortilla chip. That is the least of your worries, however.

Popular appetizers like salsa and guacamole, which typically contain onions and can be toxic to dogs, are a major concern. So is caffeine in soda, or the bones from Buffalo wings. Alcohol is another major worry, so keep your bottles of Goose Island’s 312, or glasses of Penguin Merlot, out of your dogs reach.

To combat the loud noises, and general excitement of a crowd of unfamiliar people roaming about your house during your party, try using a calming product for your pup.

One product readily available at a local retailer that can help this is the ThunderShirt. Or, try a homeopathic spray, like the ones offered by Rescue Remedy.


P.S. — Go Broncos!!