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Halo Opens NYC Pop-Up Shop

Michelle Maskaly//May 30, 2013//

Halo Opens NYC Pop-Up Shop

Michelle Maskaly //May 30, 2013//

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Halo, Purely for Pets, is taking their commitment to philanthropy to a new level this month.

The natural food company, recognized for its social responsibility and innovative marketing practices which is co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres, opened a pop-up shop at The Corner, located at the Roger Smith hotel, 501 Lexington Ave. at 47th St. in New York City.

The May 29 to June 26, event, “Halo City Tails – NYC,” unites pet lovers, provides easy ways for visitors to help pets in need and engages customers with the Halo brand and mission to give back to the community.

People are being encouraged to “pop in and do good,” for pets by supporting the Halo Pet Foundation.

There are 10 ways visitors can do good: Donate to help pets, and get gifts from “The Ellen Show,” bandanas, wrist bands and more; enter weekly raffles; learn about pet care at their educational events; play, and they will donate Halo to shelters; go in and play with a shelter pet; adopt a pet from one of their partner shelters, or donate or volunteer to help them; check in on Foursquare or Facebook to spread the word, and they will give you a rescue bracelet; buy Halo products at participating NYC retailers, and they will donate a meal to shelter pets for every $1 spent or participate in their various social media campaigns.

Since the Halo Pet Foundation has no overhead costs, because they are covered by Halo, Purely for Pets, every dollar raised through the pop-up — and overall — goes directly to help pets.

According to the company, Halo is the first major brand to host a pop-up shop that is purely for philanthropy.

“I feel blessed to be able to work for a company that engages consumers and retailers to capture the popular imagination by making a difference for pets,” David Yaskulka, vice president marketing communications for Halo, said.

For every $1 spent on Halo products at participating New York City retailers, Halo will donate one meal to a local shelter. But, the company expects their New York City efforts to help retailers in other parts of the country, too.

“While this event in New York is being showcased in the communications capital of the world, this is what we do on Main Street throughout the country,” Les Lewis, vice president of sales at Halo, said. “[People] are looking for a company they can believe in, and this can be conveyed on your store shelves everyday of the week.”

Yaskulka added that tourists who stop by the shop and receive coupons for Halo products, can use them at their local retailer no matter where they live.

“We are getting the message to the consumer,” Lewis said. “The food has to be terrific, the company has to be terrific and in support of their philanthropy.”

To draw people in, various events, including pet adoptions, a pet fashion show and a book signing by Dr. Marty Becker, will be held throughout the month of June.