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Green Gorilla Launches Freeze-Dried CBD Treats

Pet Age Staff//July 25, 2018//

Green Gorilla Launches Freeze-Dried CBD Treats

Pet Age Staff //July 25, 2018//

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Green Gorilla, maker of cannabidiol (CBD) products, has added CBD dog treats to its line of pure CBD pet care products. Green Gorilla Hemp & Olive Freeze-Dried Lamb Flavor Dog Treats will be available at pet retailers across the country.

Each package contains 180 milligrams of pure CBD hemp extract lamb-flavored treats, which are freeze-dried, 100 percent natural with no fillers or additives, non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar-free, lab-tested, cruelty-free and do not contain any THC. One treat contains approximately 3 milligrams of pure active CBD. Green Gorilla products are formulated with organic 99+ percent pure cannabidiol along with GG BioEnhanced Complex, Green Gorilla’s proprietary blend of certified organic botanicals, herbals and essential oils to optimize bioavailability. The products are crafted with certified organic extra-virgin olive oil with some of the highest polyphenol counts, making it an optimal courier for the CBD. A 48-hour controlled freeze process locks in freshness and nutrients without cooking or over-processing, guaranteeing no nutrients are lost.

CBD treats can be used to provide relief and support for a variety of ailments experienced by dogs, including bone and joint discomfort, inflammation, stress and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems and neurological issues.

“Pet owners are seeking natural and effective alternatives to prescription medications for their dogs to avoid side effects and a variety of other problems that may occur when using traditional medications,” said Steven Saxton, founder and CEO of Green Gorilla, Inc. “CBD is a highly effective, safe and natural solution for a wide range of common ailments and our treats provide an efficient way in which to deliver the CBD into a dog’s system.”

The Green Gorilla dog treats contain lamb, lamb liver, certified organic extra-virgin olive oil, phytocannabinoid hemp extract, GG BioEnhanced Complex (certified organic turmeric root extract, certified organic rosemary leaf extract, certified organic soy lecithin) and mixed tocopherols.