Gaia Enterprises Making Winter Safer for Pets and their Owners for 22nd Year

October 20, 2017

Snowy, icy winters are no match for Gaia Enterprises products. Originally creating chemical solvents and degreasers for industrial facilities, Gaia realized there was a need in the market for a 100 percent safe and natural way to manage snow and ice, while protecting pets, property and the planet. The company took the market by storm in the mid-1990s when it released Safe Thaw, which was quickly followed by Safe Paw, and then the release of Traction Magic in 2012.  Gaia Enterprises has allowed people and their beloved pets to safely enjoy the wonderland that is winter ever since.

Most ice melters contain salt that can harm your pets, children, and the environment. Safe Paw Ice Melter is 100 percent salt-free and is guaranteed pet and child safe (MSDS). Safe Paw has been used and recommended with confidence for years by veterinarians, animal hospitals, groomers, shelters and humane societies. Created using a patent dual-effect compound made of a modified crystalline amide core infused with special glycol admixture and traction agents, Safe Paw is the only ice melter that is safe for your pets to walk on; plus, it delivers slip protection which makes shoveling ice and snow much easier.

Some of the benefits of Safe Paw include:

  • Guaranteed safe for pets and children
  • Environmentally safe
  • Won’t harm decking of any kind
  • Safe on asphalt, concrete and pavers
  • Safe on plants and shrubs
  • Proprietary traction agent (helps prevent slips and falls)
  • Won’t stain or destroy flooring

Also, since this ice melter is environmentally safe, it can be used to melt ice from just about anywhere: cars, stairs, roofs, gutters, etc.

Safe Paw gives you another advantage. Unlike other products, Safe Paw attracts solar heat to provide extra melting-power during daylight hours.

Once Safe Paw has melted the ice and snow, it leaves an invisible “shield” that prevents ice from sticking to surfaces for up to three days. This “Teflon effect” makes shoveling easier.

The company’s most recent product, Traction Magic, is the only instant traction agent on the market. Once applied to icy surfaces, these all-natural crystal granules absorb the icy liquid layer and then embed themselves into the surface. Together, the embedded Grippers and Absorbers form a stable non-slip surface which is similar to that of sand paper. Thus, providing traction for your shoes, tires and paws that travel on it.

Traction Magic is guaranteed:

  • Safe, easy and quick to apply
  • Immediate tire traction
  • To give immediate sidewalk and driveway traction
  • Pet and child safe
  • Safe on uncured concrete, brick and stone
  • To work in all temperatures
  • To contain no salts or chemicals

It is available in a travel size jug, a bucket, a pail and a bag

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