Fuzzy Introduces Pet Health App for Pet Parents 

November 22, 2016

Fuzzy, the subscription-based pet-health service, recently introduced its flagship app, a free digital hub for all your pet’s medical history and health care needs, available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

According to American Veterinary Medical Association, vet visits have declined over the last few years, largely due to high pet care costs, inconvenience and a lack of knowledge around when to bring pets in for a checkup. The reality is that the current pet healthcare model does not prioritize preventive and wellness pet care. For example, an estimated 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs in the United States are overweight, yet obesity is a preventable disease. U.S. pet owners will spend over $15 billion dollars on veterinary care in 2016 some of which is for treatment of preventable diseases. In light of November being Pet Diabetes Month, it is important to know that over the last 10 years, diseases such as pet diabetes have increased at an alarming rate. Fuzzy is here to help pet parents learn about responsible pet parenting and provide them with the tools they need to help their pets thrive and live longer and healthier lives.

The Fuzzy Mobile App includes the following features:

  • Pet Health Quiz & Health Score: Take the Fuzzy Pet Health Quiz and instantly get your Pet Health Score so you can compare your pet’s health, diet, activity and lifestyle to other pets and get a better sense of how your care measures up. The Fuzzy Pet Health Score is determined based on a number of data points such as body condition score (BCS), general hygiene, health lifestyle, activity levels, vaccinations, preventive medications and veterinary visits.
  • Electronic Medical Records: Free to use across the U.S., Fuzzy handles requesting your pet’s medical records from your veterinarian. The app stores all of your pet’s vaccination records and everything you need to share with groomers, dog walkers and boarding facilities.
  • Health & Medication Reminders: Not sure when your fuzzy is due for his or her next dose of preventive meds or when you should brush his or her teeth? Fuzzy has you covered. A simple reminder system helps alert you to what matters most, from vaccine renewals to physical activity.

“Our goal is to make pet-health accessible to all pet parents,” said Zubin Bhettay, co-founder and CEO of Fuzzy. “The delivery of pet care today is antiquated. It’s more complex than it needs to be, expensive and ultimately scary for both pets and pet parents particularly new pet parents who may not have any prior experience raising and taking care of an animal. Here at Fuzzy, we want to change that and bring preventive and accessible pet-health to all.”

Currently available in San Francisco, Bay Area and expanding to other markets in 2017, Fuzzy offers a subscription health program for pets and their parents. For a low monthly fee of $45, all of your pet’s basic healthcare needs are covered. A Fuzzy subscription includes:

  • Two in-home wellness visits every year with our veterinarians and their assistants that includes a full nose-to-tail assessment of your fur baby
  • All necessary vaccines for puppies, kittens and adult animals
  • Annual fecal test to check for intestinal parasites
  • Annual heartworm testing
  • Microchipping and registration
  • Flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite preventive medication for the full-year delivered straight to your door
  • Digital access to our veterinary team
  • Health records and reminders

“I’ve always been a proponent of being your pet’s medical advocate,” said Dr. Nancy Kay, small animal internist and chief medical advisor at Fuzzy. “I believe that Fuzzy is helping pet parents everywhere do exactly that, while providing the latest and greatest pet-health care in today’s digital age.”


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