Fuzzy Acquires Dandy Following Surge in Personalized Pet Care

Julia Rivera//May 10, 2022//

Fuzzy Acquires Dandy Following Surge in Personalized Pet Care

Julia Rivera //May 10, 2022//

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Press release: Fuzzy

Fuzzy, the leading digital pet health company, recently announced the acquisition of Dandy, a first-of-its-kind personalized pet supplement company, and a new vice president of strategy and business operations to build on surging demand for personalized pet care. The additions come on the heels of unprecedented growth across the company’s telehealth and e-commerce offerings.

“Pet care has dramatically changed over the past decade, going from reactive emergency care to a more thoughtful, proactive care approach. At Fuzzy, we know there is no one-size-fits-all care plan and we’re on a mission to provide access to care that meets the needs of all our pet parents,” said Zubin Bhettay, co-founder and CEO of Fuzzy. “Through Fuzzy’s healthcare and e-commerce work, we’re able to tailor our offerings to suit the needs of the 50 million+ new pets added to the population in the past three years. Welcoming both Dandy and our new vice president of strategy and business operations, Kate Coughlin Stern, to the Fuzzy team will only further accelerate our goal to bring personalized pet care to the masses.”

Dandy, founded by Danielle Sobel, joins the Fuzzy family of brands to expand access to personalized nutritional care and improve the overall health and well-being of pets. Sobel will lead community-building and influencer marketing across the company. As part of Fuzzy, Dandy will continue to utilize personalized data to provide customized supplement packs to consumers’ front doors. Looking forward, the brand will add additional products to cater to more pet types, and expand overall reach, with plans to launch in multiple major retailers by 2023.

“Navigating the pet care system is confusing, frustrating, and expensive, which is what sparked the founding of Dandy, after my own experiences caring for my three dogs,” said Sobel. “Dandy and Fuzzy were built with the same mission – to improve the lives of our pets through thoughtful, personalized care. I believe this partnership will fundamentally change the way pet parents tackle pet health, from daily wellness to emergency care, and everything in between.”   In addition to the Dandy acquisition, Kate Coughlin Stern joins Fuzzy as vice president of strategy and business operations and will lead strategic initiatives and development across the company. She brings extensive knowledge in logistics and company expansion, with prior experience growing UberEats and early-stage venture capital fund, Homebrew. In her role at Fuzzy, Stern will lead operational strategy and oversee growth, strategic planning and potential M&A opportunities as Fuzzy continues to grow.

Fuzzy is continuing to expand to meet growing demand as more pet parents seek affordable, personalized care for their animals. Over the past 12 months, Fuzzy has seen a 533 percent increase in telehealth consults as well as a 447 percent growth in revenue across its e-commerce platform in 2021. Later this year, Fuzzy will launch a retail partnership that includes a subscription and monthly store credit on pet products.

Alongside internal growth, Fuzzy is continuing to rethink pet parenthood from the very beginning of the journey and through every stage of a pet’s life. Partnerships with 15 new animal rescues and shelters in 2022 will enable Fuzzy to provide discounted memberships to adopters and fosters to improve access to quality health care for new pet families. Fuzzy includes a donation to the organization with every membership and sponsors a number of events for the rescues’ partners.


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