April 24, 2019

Impressively, technological advancements today have sky-rocketed from just 10 years ago. Because of this, the simplest and most basic of products are being upgraded to keep up with the latest tech, even the innovations that are not technology-based.

The cat sector is no exception, constantly changing and adapting to meet the needs of the consumer and the trends of the times. One innovation is taking a big leap from its inception as a necessity for all pets: bowls.

At first, bowls were minimalistic in appearance and use. Using either metal or plastic, the circular bowl became practically iconic. And while that type of bowl is still functional and a classic, industry leaders are beginning to branch out and offer products that transform the bowls of the past. This is being done by taking cats’ health, technology and consumer preferences into deeper consideration.

For example, some bowls are designed to lessen whisker sensitivity or stress by featuring wider, smoother designs. Other bowls are becoming state-of-the-art pieces that automatically dispense food or water on their own or with the use of an app on a smartphone or other handheld device. Additionally, many of the designs are carefully crafted to complement the décor of consumers’ houses, blending the divide between pet and owner.

Consumers today are desiring products for their cats that are easy to use and feature the latest trends. Now that the bond between pets and owners is stronger than ever before, consumers want more for their companions, especially their furry felines. Manufacturers and retailers should inform consumers of the latest bowl innovations on the market because each bowl addresses the needs they are looking for in the 21st century.

These products take a spin on the classic bowl, with modern styles that entice consumers who are tech-savvy, creative and, above all, love their cats. And while these bowls feature trendy designs, the quality of the classic cat bowl is not lost but improved. With durable materials, ease-of-use and added benefits, manufacturers and retailers can reassure consumers that their cats’ eating and drinking experiences are better than ever.


CrownJuwel is a new, state-of-the-art pet bowl that vitalizes water for pets with an assortment of gemstones right in the middle. Gemstone water has been on the rise predominantly because of its taste and spiritual healing effects. Each type of gem has a distinctive, natural energetic charge and plays an important role in healthy living.


Petsafe Drinkwell_2_Gallon_Pet_Fountain


Drinkwell Pet Fountain

The PetSafe Drinkwell Two-Gallon Pet Fountain provides a convenient supply of fresh, filtered water, and the free-falling stream entices pets to drink more. The adjustable water flow allows pet parents to customize the stream or turn it off completely for a quieter operation.




nature series by indipets

Nature Series by Indipets

These extremely durable bowls are made from mango wood. They’re easy to clean, hygienic and bacteria-resistant. The Nature Series bowls bring the sophistication of natural wood to your pets’ dinner. Naturally suited for everyday use, each piece is given a clear seal finish. The pieces are available in three sizes: small, medium and large.



Petrageous Fiji Stainless SteelFiji Bowl

Fiji non-slip stainless steel bowls are a perfect mix of function and style. The non-slip TPE is designed to prevent the bowls from slipping or scratching while offering a unique and modern look. The TPE hugs the exterior of these bowls, offering a sleek and decorative pattern.



Petmate Oval Bowl


The Oval Bowl

The Oval Bowl is great for cats that are susceptible to whisker sensitivity or whisker stress—causing them to not eat—because the flatter and wider bowl mimics the shape of whiskers, which helps reduce stress. The stainless material helps reduce the risk of bacteria, which causes chin acne, and the slight wall incline prevents messes. The bowl holds 3 ounces of canned food.


Platinum Pet non-tip bowlsNon-Tip Pet Bowl

The beauty of each Platinum Pets Non-Tip Pet Bowl goes beneath its brilliant surface. The proprietary powder coating process transforms the high-gauge stainless steel bowl into one that is beautiful as well as scratch-, chip- and fade-resistant. Each bowl is finished with a long-lasting silicone ring at the base to prevent skidding and tipping. True Sizing Technology will ensure the pet is getting the proper amount of food for optimum fitness and health.


Pioneer pet rose gold raindrop fountain

Rose Gold Raindrop Fountain

Pioneer Pet’s Special Edition Raindrop Fountain has a sleek, modern design. This fountain is 100-percent stainless steel with anodized coating. It features quiet flowing water to attract pets to the bowl. Easy to clean and replaceable charcoal filters create clean, healthy water.




basecamp bowl collection

Basecamp Bowl Collection

The Basecamp series is an indoor dog bowl and mat designed to keep canine adventurers fueled and hydrated at home base. The powder-coated, food-grade 304 stainless steel Basecamp Bowl has a nudge-proof silicone base and an easy-to-pick-up stackable design. The concave interior allows food and water to collect in the center, making it easier to get every last bit. The Basecamp Mat features a durable, waterproof surface, sturdy walls to contain spills, and a coated, grip base.




Dr. Catsby's Bowls

Dr. Catsby’s Bowls

Dr. Catsby’s Bowls are a simple and safe solution to help prevent whisker fatigue. The wide but shallow shape of the bowl provides easy access to food without pulling back the cat’s whiskers and causing discomfort. The stainless steel finish helps to protect against wash-proof bacteria. Its clean, simple design is a cinch to wash and will fit in a variety of decors.



cute cat pet bowl


Cute Cat Pet Bowl

A charming kitty made of iron holds the two stainless steel food dishes that make up this diner—perfect for water and food for pets. Each bowl is 5 inches by 5 inches by 1 inch high, and the item weighs just over 6 pounds.



Klean Bowl group with LogoKleanbowl by Kinn, Inc.

Disposable bowls decrease the risk of disease for pets and owners. Steel bowl frame holds a biodegradable, disposable and compostable bowl and is weighted to prevent tipping. Comes with three refill bowls; refill packs available.




SureFeed Pet Feeder

The SureFeed sealed pet bowl features a motion-activated lid that opens when pets approach and closes when they are through eating, producing a tight seal that keeps food fresh longer. It’s suitable for wet and dry food, locks odors in and keeps the food fresh and flies away.


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