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Found Animals Offers Fourth of July Safety Tips

Pet Age Staff//June 30, 2015//

Found Animals Offers Fourth of July Safety Tips

Pet Age Staff //June 30, 2015//

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The grandest national celebration is just around the corner – Fourth of July – and it’ll be filled with picnics, barbecues and of course, the ubiquitous fireworks. For pet owners, it’s a fun time to celebrate but for their furry friends, the noise and commotion can cause anxiety, worry and maybe even cause them to run away.

Brought to you by Found Animals, an independently funded nonprofit working to find the big ideas that reduce euthanasia in shelters, here are some tips on how to keep pets safe this Fourth of July.


July Fourth Pet Safety Tips:


  1. Make sure your pet wears ID. Animal shelters report intake increases of 30% during the July 4th holiday due to scared pets bolting from their homes. Outfit your pet with a collar and clearly readable ID tag with your current phone number. In a pinch, a fabric collar with your phone number written on it with a Sharpie works just as well.
  2. Your pet should be microchipped and the number registered in a national registry. A microchip is the only permanent form of ID for your pet. If your pet escapes and loses his collar, he can still be reunited with you if his microchip is registered with your current info.  Check, register or update your pet’s microchip for free at – the first and only national free microchip pet registry.
  3. Leave your pet at home. No matter how well you think you know your pet, they can still be unpredictable when startled or scared. The best place for an insecure pet is the place he knows best. Put your pet in a quiet room where he feels safe and comfortable.  If the party is at your house, make sure your guests know not to disturb him or let him out. Do not leave your pet outside.
  4. Leave extra water.  Stressed out pets tend to pant more, so make sure to supply ample, clean water.
  5. Try calming aids for anxious pets.  If your pet is overly stressed, try putting them in a Thundershirt or use an over-the-counter natural remedy such as Comfort Zone.
  6. Party food is for people. Don’t compound your pet’s discomfort this day by feeding table scraps or foods not normally eaten. Unfamiliar food plus stress can add up to tummy upsets and other health problems.
  7. Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. Nearly 3 million sheltered pets are euthanized every year.  If your pet gets out, or someone else’s pet gets in, avoid unwanted litters by making sure your pet is spayed or neutered.