Five Q’s: Earth Animal Founders Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein

Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2019//

Five Q’s: Earth Animal Founders Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein

Pet Age Staff //August 1, 2019//

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Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein are the founders of Earth Animal and have worked together for more than 40 years in holistic veterinary medicine.

Q What was the first pet product you launched and what inspired it?
A The first pet product we launched back in the 1970s was a homemade flea collar. It was created out of our concern that dogs and cats were becoming sick (liver and kidney disease) due to the chimerical flea collars, which at the time, were derived from organic phosphate (nerve gas). The collar was made in our health food store for animals, right on the retail floor. It consisted of a piece of rope, measured and cut to fit the neck of the dog or cat, which was then dipped into a warm pot of wax and an herbal solution of eucalyptus, penny royal and flea bane. During this time, we made a strong statement that “we were philosophically against using the body of a dog or cat as a delivery system for a poison.” The flea collars were well received by pet parents and facilitated the formulation of the Earth Animal Internal Powders and Liquid Herbal Drops currently sold today. EA’s Flea and Tick prevention products consisting of Herbal Bug-Spray, Collars, Daily Powders, Daily Herbal Drops, Shampoo, Spot-On and Topical Powder offer Another Way of dealing effectively with fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

Q How would you describe Earth Animal’s “No Harm” philosophy?
A Veterinarians take an oath to “Cause No Harm” to animals, and at Earth Animal we remember what it means and offer Another Way of helping families and retailers perpetuate wellness and treat disease. EA’s products are sourced from the purest ingredients and are safe and side-effect free. Their motivation is to offer Another Way or an alternative to foods, supplements and snacks which may have side effects, or cause harm. As an example, Earth Animal’s No-Hide is an alternative to rawhide.

Q What type of dog and cat does Nature’s Comfort benefit?
A Earth Animal’s Nature’s Comfort is a full spectrum hemp product safely grown for us by farmers whom we’ve partnered with in Oregon. Dogs and cats who are experiencing pain, inflammation or anxiety are the best candidates. Nature’s Comfort offers a unique Uptake Technology granting rapid absorption benefiting animals with other conditions affecting the immune system, brain and nervous system. Earth Animal is offering Another Way of administering CBD transdermally and tranmucosally. The Zen-Pen and spray make life a little easier on the pet parent administering them.

Q How does your sourcing and manufacturing process make Wisdom a healthful food for pets?
A Earth Animal’s Wisdom dog food is formulated by Dr. Bob Goldstein. All ingredients are consciously sourced such as protein from humanely raised and Global Animal Partnership certified sources. Dr. Bob’s special raw ingredients are the key foods, fruits, vegetables and vitamins he has used successfully for over 40 years in his holistic veterinary practice to help heal animals from chronic diseases. Wisdom’s manufacturing process guarantees Another Way of cooking, avoiding high temperatures which often times destroy the nutrients. Wisdom is made by a safe air-dried method preserving the life force of its ingredients while killing unhealthy bacteria. It is made of three components which are prepared separately: meat, fruits, vegetables and vitality cubes are then mixed together. Wisdom is a very transparent visual experience. You can actually see, touch and taste the raw ingredients.

Q When did you realize the special relationship that exists between people and animals?
A Susan: I first realized the special bond between people and animals at the early age of three. I had the privilege of nursing back to health a severely injured baby squirrel who had fallen out of a tree. The days and weeks I sat with this small helpless being disclosed just how powerful trust and love are, and the bond they create. By the way, the squirrel lived, and was set free. His memory still occupies a place in my heart.



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