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Five Questions: RAWZ Founder Jim Scott

Glenn Polyn//May 13, 2020//

Five Questions: RAWZ Founder Jim Scott

Glenn Polyn //May 13, 2020//

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Jim Scott is the founder and CEO of RAWZ.

1. What did you learn from running Wellness from 1997 to 2008 that has benefited RAWZ?

At Wellness, we worked with unshakeable commitments to provide premium dog and cat nutrition and to our own team, themselves animal lovers. As a true family operated business, we kept our own family and our teammates’ families always in mind. The main learning from those years was that a passion for pet nutrition coupled with a true value of family created a powerful combination that benefited both pets and our team members.

RAWZ is a 100 percent, family-owned business committed to providing pets with minimally processed nutrition options that represent “The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw.” After our two sons’ serious injuries, we walked away from the industry to focus on the boys’ recoveries. The sale of Wellness allows us to donate 100 percent of RAWZ’s profits to charities improving the lives of those living with life-changing disabilities, while providing pets with a full line of food options for when only the best will do.

2. Why did you create the slogan “The Next Best Thing to Feeding Raw”?

The slogan acknowledges that a truly raw pet food diet is the best; the protein’s amino acid profile has the highest nutrient bioavailability as they haven’t undergone heat processing. Most pet foods use highly processed proteins that have been rendered at high heat for long durations. RAWZ is the least processed dry food available, using 100 percent rendered-free dehydrated chicken featured as our concentrated protein source rather than a much less efficient rendered meal (i.e., chicken meal or fish meal). We really hope to authentically communicate to pet parents that although a raw diet is the best, RAWZ is a great option for those wanting minimal processing without the cost, difficulty and food safety issues of feeding raw.

3. What can you tell us about the patent you have on the RAWZ recipe?

RAWZ has an IP patent along with a product protection guide that follows an FDA food safety protocol. RAWZ has the highest meat content for dry foods, is low carb and has reduced fat.

4. What is your go-to market strategy and how does it help your independent retail partners?

  • 100 percent rendered-free products for cats and dogs
  • 100 percent exclusivity for independent pet retailers, only retailers with brick-and-mortar retail operations can sell online
  • 100 percent profits donated, which means no one will buy us, so risk of sudden retail strategy shift is absent
  • 100 percent family owned and operated

While we understand that no one can say “forever,” the total ownership of RAWZ by the family allows us to be completely dedicated to improving the lives of people and pets. After all, no one is going to buy the right to donate money. We hold the health of pets always in the forefront and understand that by building trust over mutual love for animals with customers best allows us to sustain our mission.

5. How would you describe your personal experience with the dog-person spiritual connection?

With over 60 years of experience in the pet nutrition business going back to my father, Jim Scott Sr., and the Old Mother Hubbard Biscuit company in 1961, our family has always been aware of the powerful bond between people and pets. With the growth of Wellness and a healthy and active family (my wife, Janet, and I have three children), life was humming along with added joy brought by Boomer, our Yellow Lab, born in 1996. Following the boys’ accidents within 15 months of each other, our always phenomenally supportive family circle really was displayed through their recoveries. What was truly spiritual, was to witness firsthand Boomer’s interaction with Jimmy and Andy. Without question, there were many difficult times, but to see the bond between Boomer and his two older “brothers” helped us all to remain grateful and keep moving forward!