January 5, 2015

“A recent study conducted by The Anderson Group showed that consumers have very high brand awareness of GloFish and that consumer fascination with GloFish is an important reason why people get started in the hobby,” said Alan Blake, chief executive officer of GloFish. “Moreover, when people browse the aquatics live fish section in stores, many consumers end up making an unplanned purchase of GloFish simply when they stop and are amazed by the beautiful colors.”

Fluorescing fish are not as unusual as you may think. In fact, a study conducted by the American Museum of Natural History found more than 180 species of fish that are naturally fluorescent under blue light.

Fluorescent fish can be observed expressing vibrant green, red and orange fluorescence patterns across a diverse range of species. In addition to fish, fluorescence has been commonly observed in certain types of corals and other marine life, even flowers. Scientists have relied on fluorescent fish for nearly two decades to gain a better understanding of everything from genetics and molecular biology to cellular diseases (like cancer) and gene therapy.

Don’t be fooled, these fish don’t actually glow. Instead, they absorb and then re-emit light. To fully experience the Glo, particularly in low lighting environments, it’s best to view GloFish under a blue wavelength light (such as those available in GloFish Aquarium Kits and with GloFish LED Lighting). Alternatively, a traditional white aquarium light (such as a fluorescent or halogen light) will work well for daytime use.

GloFish add brilliant color and excitement to any home, office or classroom aquarium. You can find them in Starfire Red, Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Cosmic Blue, Galactic Purple and Moonrise Pink.

Caring for GloFish

GloFish are just like their non-fluorescent, tropical freshwater counterparts in terms of care, including everything from general care and temperature preferences to water quality and nutritional needs. With a little attention, GloFish can live a healthy life for years to come.

GloFish are totally compatible with any freshwater community fish and can be added to any existing freshwater environment. Just as non-GloFish tetras and danios like to swim in schools of three or more, so do GloFish. Note, however, that GloFish barbs should be kept in groups of at least five.

Along with the new livestock comes an extensive category of GloFish products specially designed to emphasize their unique coloring. Tetra products make caring for GloFish easy.

John Fox, divisional vice president of marketing for United Pet Group’s Aquatics division is proud of their Tetra brand’s line of GloFish nutrition, water care and décor products.
“As the exclusive provider of GloFish products, we have developed a line of offerings that completes the GloFish experience,” he said. “From a care perspective, our proprietary food features a four-flake blend that’s formulated to enhance the inherent fluorescent properties of GloFish. Even the container fluoresces under blue light.”

“Second, a powerful pair of water care products makes water care easier than ever,” said Fox. “GloFish Color Booster keeps chemistry stable between water changes and enhanced proteins help fish maintain their vibrant colors. GloFish Water Conditioner includes immune boosters, stress reducers and removes chlorine from tap water. Last, new pearlescent aquarium plants and eye-catching aquarium backgrounds and ornaments are designed to enable GloFish to take center stage in any aquarium and offer the consumer a different experience under the GloFish LED lights .”

Fox reports that their offerings don’t stop at food, water care and décor. To showcase GloFish and make it easy for first-time customers, they’ve developed a line of GloFish kits in a wide range of sizes and styles, perfect for a kid’s room, den or office. Sizes range from 1.5 gallon kits to 10 gallons and styles range from globe to crescent to half-moon to cube.

Kits include an aquarium, LED lighting and filtration. To complete the kits, United Pet Group offers a line of GloFish branded plants, gravel and décor, all of which fluoresce under blue lighting.

Customers can also integrate GloFish to their existing aquarium by simply adding Tetra’s GloFish blue and white LED lights. These lights are available in a variety of different sizes allowing enthusiasts to retrofit almost any aquarium and easily alternate between an all-blue mode for the maximum GloFish experience or a blue and white mode to enhance both GloFish and traditional tropical fish.

In a category that has been relatively flat for years, GloFish bring a new shine to the market as the products and livestock associated with them makes rapid gains in popularity.

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