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Enrichment Products Will Delight Cats, Owners

Glenn Polyn//July 1, 2020//

Cute funny cat and tree in room

Enrichment Products Will Delight Cats, Owners

Glenn Polyn //July 1, 2020//

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Cats need to scratch, and they also need to forage, hunt and play. Carry these products in your store to entertain and delight your kitty customers.

Banish Boredom

There are many myths surrounding the emotional and physical needs of cats. Many think that they do not require the same amount of time and attention as a dog. For example, people think cats do not need walks or aren’t trainable. These myths can lead to a relatively dull life for our cats and can lead to problem behaviors. When we do think of enrichment for cats, we often we envision cat towers and kitty condos for our feline friends to climb and rest in. While cat towers and scratching posts are an important item for cats, a variety of new enrichment items are coming to market. Common problem behaviors such as destructive scratching and excessive vocalization can be combated by providing more stimulation for the animals.

Food Puzzle Toys

Launched at Global Pet Expo 2020, a new line of food puzzle toys created by Nina Ottosson and Petstages aims to provide cats a new way to eat (MSRP $19.99-$24.99). These three new designs feature pegs and slider flaps to hide their food which engages cat’s natural hunting instincts. Each puzzle is customizable to make the challenge more difficult as the cat becomes experienced with the game. Providing food puzzle toys for cats can help slow their eating patterns and provide mental and physical stimulation.

Prefer to feed wet food? Petstages released two new feeding mats made of a durable silicon type material (MSRP $9.99-$14.99). These feeding mats include grooves and ridges which slow your cat’s eating helping prevent vomiting and aiding in digestion.

Cross Promotions

There is perhaps no better cat TV channel then the view right outside your window. Wild bird and squirrel feeders can attract new critters to the yard. Encourage your kitty owning shoppers to consider adding bird feeders as entertainment for their felines. Utilizing an end cap with easy grab-and-go solutions such as window cling feeders can get them started. Consider utilizing the Pet-Fusion window perch to give your cat a designated space to watch all the action outside. Don’t let their pent-up energy go unchecked, be sure to provide opportunities for your cat to hunt, chase and snatch at their toys as well. For densely populated areas or apartment dwellers that aren’t able to set up bird feeders, try a small fish tank with a secure lid.

Cat Furniture

Multi-purpose cat furniture offers surfaces for resting, scratching, and built in toys. By providing a wide variety of vertical and horizontal scratching surfaces, we can curb cat’s natural tendency to scratch up valuable items such as furniture and walls. Providing various scratching substrates such as sisal rope, jute fabric, corrugated carboard and carpet can help prevent scratching on inappropriate surfaces.

Cat towers also provide reprieve from a busy household. Cat towers featuring caves quickly become a cat’s favorite resting spot. Towers also provide a quick escape from the family dog that may have taken interest in chasing the cat.

Indoor Exercise

Exercise is an important component of any animal care routine. Indoor cats are much more likely to become overweight without diligent exercise. Newer solutions on the market include cat wheels. Imagine a hamster wheel blown up to cat size proportions. With a little training, any feline can enjoy this exercise option.

Cat nip infused toys can entice your cat to play while you are away, however flirt pole toys are often overlooked. Utilizing a flirt pole can allow your cat to play out their natural hunting and chasing instincts.

Pet-Safe Plants

Natural plants such as wheatgrass and cat nip make a decorative and interactive item for cats. While cats do not have the digestive enzymes to break down wheat grass, it may help with expulsing hairballs or acting as a laxative. Place wheatgrass plants in a sunny windowsill your cat frequents.

Cat owners have long been asking for new products to entertain their cats while they are away. Many will be delighted to hear of these new ideas and offerings.