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  Weekly News - August 14, 2020
Haute Couture: High Fashion in the Pet Industry


The term pet owner is slowly being replaced by pet parent, as more companion animals are being looked at as members of the family. More than a third of all pet owners are Millennials, who have overtaken Baby Boomers as the biggest pet-owning generation. Millennials are not afraid to make full use of their spending […]


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  Tinkerbelle haute couture fashion



Swedencare Adds US, Canadian and Online Retailers


Meet Whitebridge CEO Olivier Amice




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Is a Rotational Diet Right for Your Pet?




HABRI Advocates the Human-Animal Bond


Gimborn USA Announces Distribution Partnerships


DOGS: Forever Young


CATS: Trends and Products: Beg-Worthy Treats
Budgerigar on the bird cage. Funny green budgie parrot takes a b


BIRDS: Eat, Drink and Be Tidy
Animal Lizard, Bearded Dragon on mirror background


REPTILES: The Heat is On
Cute little girl feeding fish in aquarium


FISH: Reeling Them In


NATURAL: Know Supplement Ingredients to Sell Them
WIS Petport


GROOMING: PetPort’s Future in Benefiting Pets


SMALL ANIMALS: So Fresh, So Clean



Dr. Elsey’s: We Speak for Cats


Dr. Elsey's screenshot 2  

Dr. Bruce Elsey talks about his affinity for cats, assisting shelters and the Dr. Elsey’s cat products brand.


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The Stowe Base Layer


Kurgo BaseLayer  

Designed specifically for cold-weather adventure, this carefully crafted garment provides a sleek layer of warmth that fits seamlessly under Kurgo outerwear for ultimate cold-weather protection—or it can be used as a cozy standalone garment. The detailing meets every dog’s needs when adventuring in chilly conditions: an open belly area for bathroom breaks, dual zippers down […]


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Most Popular Fish at Nautilus


Just about every Florida fish is selling well, like the beautiful blue rams. View Photo Gallery >




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Holistic Hound Soft Chews for Cats




CatSpot Litter


Holistic Hound Full Spectrum Hemp Soft Chews for Cats  

Formulated specifically for felines, Holistic Hound’s full-spectrum hemp Soft Chews for Cats were created...


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CatSpot Litter  

CatSpot litter is a new cat litter made from 100 percent coconut. It is organic, 100 percent dust-free...


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