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  Weekly News - July 23, 2021
Gift-Giving Ideas to Inspire Retailers, Drive Holiday Revenue


It’s never too early to prepare for the holiday season. The “most wonderful time of the year” was not so wonderful last year as COVID-19 cancelled Halloween and made the holidays a virtual event. Nonetheless, gift giving is a way to connect with family and friends, including our furry loved ones. The holiday season starts […]


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  Young woman in santa costume sits with a dog in a hat on a white background



Ark Pet Spa & Hotel Awards Franchise to Mother/Daughter Duo


Holistic Hound Gains Prestigious Quality Seal from NASC




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Science Selective: Food That Meets the Needs of House Rabbits




M/A/R/C Research’s Brad Seipel Promoted to Executive Vice President


Fi Smart Collar Launches Sleep Tracking Technology for Dogs


DOGS: Forever Young


CATS: Trends and Products: Beg-Worthy Treats
Budgerigar on the bird cage. Funny green budgie parrot takes a b


BIRDS: Eat, Drink and Be Tidy
Animal Lizard, Bearded Dragon on mirror background


REPTILES: The Heat is On
Cute little girl feeding fish in aquarium


FISH: Reeling Them In


NATURAL: Know Supplement Ingredients to Sell Them
WIS Petport


GROOMING: PetPort’s Future in Benefiting Pets


SMALL ANIMALS: So Fresh, So Clean



Dr. Elsey’s: We Speak for Cats


Dr. Elsey's screenshot 2  

Dr. Bruce Elsey talks about his affinity for cats, assisting shelters and the Dr. Elsey’s cat products brand.


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Fancy Feast Petites 


Fancy Feast Petites Wet Cat Food  

Fancy Feast Petites are exceptional, delectable, single serve entrees your cat will love. Simply snap the divided tray in half, peel back and serve. These elevated entrees are crafted without artificial colors or preservatives and are 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats. Fancy Feast Petites are available at retailers nationwide.  


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Reef-A-Palooza New York 2021 at Meadowlands Expo Center


Reef-A-Palooza NY Coral Frags View Photo Gallery >




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Portacool 510



Your cat or dog deserves the benefits of CBD and hemp. With Santeer’s new LUV tablets, which modernly...


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Portacool 510 on white slight side view  

The new Portacool 510 is a powerful, portable evaporative cooler designed to naturally cool open spaces...


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