Empawer Pets Acquires Lifestyle Brand The Pooch Company

Pet Age Staff//August 29, 2019//

Empawer Pets Acquires Lifestyle Brand The Pooch Company

Pet Age Staff //August 29, 2019//

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Press release: Empawer Pets

Empawer, known for their Bristly dental health line, recently acquired the active dog lifestyle brand The Pooch Company, known for Poochables, a 2-in-1 food and water container and feeder.

Poochables are ideal for dogs on the go. They provide a convenient carrying handle, detachable food bowl that keeps food and treats fresh, and a water bottle and water dish to keep pooches hydrated.

Empawer founder and Bristly inventor Petros Dertsakyan first met The Pooch Company at SuperZoo 2018 and became an adviser to founder Gina Brucato.

“We decided to acquire The Pooch Company because we loved the founder and the brand,” said Dertsakyan. “Empawer’s mission is to make pet parents lives easier while promoting healthy lifestyles for dogs, and we’re proud to offer another brand that aligns with our values.”

Poochables solve a problem for active lifestyle pet parents and their dogs while Bristly solves the dilemma of daily dog toothbrushing. Together these brands will promote healthy dog lifestyles and help pet parents keep it simple.

The brand will continue to solve a common problem for pet patents. There’s currently nothing as convenient, simple, and well designed as Poochables.

Brucato will be focusing on her other obligations and will not be a part of the company. However, Dertsakyan will be working his hardest to honor the original vision of The Pet Company and collaborate closely with her to ensure that the products remain true to their foundation.

As part of the acquisition, Empawer will be taking over The Pooch Company’s e-commerce website. Poochables will also be available on the Bristly website. Empawer will also be using their established retail and distribution channels to launch the product into stores through their current B2B partner and building the brand with new products.

“We have a few unique things planned that will be a complement to The Pet Company products,” said Dertsakyan. “We want to expand the line and build a healthy lifestyle movement with our products.”



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