July 1, 2014

The pet industry is continuously redefining itself in an effort to improve, so it makes perfect sense to focus on greener ways to do business. Bamboo is fast becoming a favorite natural material for designing eco-friendly packaging and earth-friendly products.

Naturally bacterial-resistant and hypoallergenic, bamboo is versatile, fast growing, adaptable to nearly any climate and matures in just 5-7 years. It’s sturdy, durable and easily molded into products that last for years.

Because the bamboo plant is very quick growing and does not require the use of pesticides and herbicides to thrive, plantations can easily be kept organic and replanted yearly to replenish stocks.

While bamboo is not a tree, it’s officially considered a grass, it still makes a reliable alternative to using trees, which can help fight deforestation.
This is just one of the reasons why pet owners are quick to get behind companies like Loving Pets, who take the right steps to support sustainability. Loving Pets is a company focused on using affordable, recycled materials that are fully biodegradable.

“Today’s pet-loving consumers are willing to spend more on products that are great for the planet, its pets and its people,” said Eric Abbey, president of Loving Pets. “But a ‘green’ decision does not have to mean more expensive.”
They recently launched their popular Bambu Bowls, representing an eco-friendly revolution in the pet industry. Since bamboo is naturally bacteria resistant, these bowls are perfect for feeding and watering pets without fear of contamination.

“Retailers have the opportunity to educate consumers about which products and brands support the environment,” said Abbey. “We hope that retailers will consider creating an end cap specifically for earth-friendly products, and highlight brands like Bambu Bowls that really are offering an environmentally friendly alternative and making a difference.”

Bamboo fiber resembles cotton in its natural form and is quickly becoming a favorite with fabric manufacturers seeking out sturdy, sustainable materials.  According to eco-friendly pet company Wagging Green, which released the first U.S.-based 100-percent bamboo collar and quickly expanded its collection to  colorful collars, T-shirts, harnesses and leashes, “Bamboo fabric has insulating properties and will keep the wearer cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In addition, the fabric is able to take bright dye colors well, and drape smoothly.”
“Bamboo requires one-third the amount of water to grow compared tocotton,” said ShareBrands co-founder, Connor Knutson. “Bamboo grows with similar characteristics to many common weeds, therefore has few naturally attracted pests. Bamboo can be grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides, whereas cotton often requires a large amount of pesticides to maintain growth. The bamboo used in the ShareBrands color line is all approved organic.”

Another company committed to the environment is Paw Pods. Launched in 2013, Paw Pods provides a dignified, meaningful experience to say goodbye to a beloved pet.

“At Paw Pods, we believe that all good things come from the earth, and shall return there. Our goal is to help provide grieving pet parents and families with a better, dignified experience that is comforting and offers the closure everyone is looking for during such difficult times. Our burial pods are available in a variety of sizes and shapes—such as our new Fish Pod and Heart Pod designs—and are all constructed of the same 100-percent biodegradable, all-natural materials such as bamboo and rice husk. We’ve found that our customers are increasingly interested in offering eco-friendly products to the end user, and believe it’s one of the several advantages we have over our competitors.”

All Paw Pods products are 100 percent environmentally friendly, and include a sympathy card and seeded leaf that blooms beautiful wildflowers year-after-year as a living memorial.

Bamboo has also become popular when it comes to cat products.

Take the Astoria Cat Scratcher from Architect Pets, for example. It is created with thin layers of bamboo pressed around a curved form to create its unique shape that allows for multple scratching surfaces, and is perfect for two cats or suiting a cat’s particular mood. It also comes with matching bamboo cat bowls.
As consumers grow more committed to protecting the environment, manufacturers and retailers will be forced to examine their processes. Bamboo is a very environmentally responsible and economically viable alternative to other manufacturing materials.

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