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Earth Rated Introduces Cards Against Caninity

Pet Age Staff//January 22, 2016//

Earth Rated Introduces Cards Against Caninity

Pet Age Staff //January 22, 2016//

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Earth Rated, a Canadian company that produces leakproof waste bags for dog owners, has announced the release of Cards Against Caninity, a new unofficial and fan-made expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity.

The limited-edition expansion packs will be randomly given away to 1,000 people for free in exchange for nominating a dog shelter in North America to receive a donation of Earth Rated blankets on the campaign’s dedicated website, The nomination period is from January 20 to February 10.

“We wanted to give back to deserving animal shelters, and there’s nothing better than providing comfort to those animals patiently waiting for a home,” said Divyan Selvadurai, co-founder of Earth Rated. “Of course, it’s our mission to make being a responsible dog owner a little more fun, so we also want to reward those who participate with the chance to win a little something just for themselves.”