Drew Barrymore, Tidy Cats Partnership Creates Litter Box Upgrade

Glenn Polyn//April 11, 2023//

Drew Barrymore, Tidy Cats Partnership Creates Litter Box Upgrade

Glenn Polyn //April 11, 2023//

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Press release: Purina

Your cat’s litter box space plays an important part in their well-being. That’s why Tidy Cats is bringing next-level comfort to litter boxes everywhere with Tidy Care Comfort, its newest litter innovation designed with your cat’s needs – and paws – in mind, launching exclusively at Walmart. To celebrate the launch, Tidy Cats is partnering with the ultimate home and happiness guru, actress Drew Barrymore, to offer cat owners the opportunity to win a home refresh to give their litterbox space an upgrade.

From now through May 8, 2023, cat owners can visit the Tidy Care Refresh website to tell Tidy Cats why they need a litter box “littervention.” One lucky winner will receive a $5,000 prize to refresh their space with items from Walmart, plus design tips from Drew, to create a Zen atmosphere that can be appreciated by cats and their humans alike.

“I didn’t realize that the litter box environment played such a significant role in maintaining our cat’s health and wellness,” said Barrymore. “I love that Tidy Care Comfort gives my fur babies (and yours) exactly what they need to be comfortable in their litter box, and that I get to bring two of my passions – creating spaces that inspire happiness and my love of cats – together to help my fellow cat lovers.”

To get the full… scoop… on cat litter preferences, Tidy Cats’ team of behaviorists and scientists turned to a panel of real experts – actual cats. When given a choice, cats showed a clear preference for smaller litter granules. Research also found that allowing cats to choose their preferred paw feel and scent helps encourage regular litter box use, which can help create a positive litter box environment and keep cats in homes.

“The No. 1 behavioral reason cats are returned to shelters is going to the bathroom outside the litter box,” said Purina pet behaviorist Dr. Annie Valuska. “And while there are numerous factors that can play a role in that behavior, Tidy Cats wants to make sure that litter isn’t one of them.”

The result was Tidy Care Comfort, a litter made with smaller granules for a cat-preferred paw feel (vs. the leading clumping litter) and available in unscented or a cat-selected bright and natural scent to encourage regular litter box usage, which ultimately supports cat health and happiness. Tidy Care Comfort also features low dust content, 14-day odor control and tight, flat clumps that scoop easily, offering an optimal litter box experience for both cats and their owners.

“Tidy Cats is already a brand our customers trust for their cat litter needs,” said Walmart mercant Josh Fox. “We are thrilled to be able to bring their newest offering – which is changing the game of cat litter – exclusively to our Walmart cat parents to help them put their cat’s needs first and live their best life possible.”


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