February 6, 2019

Press release: Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks, the suppliers of a safe, non-toxic, chemical-free way to prevent pet urine burn marks on lawns, offer attention-grabbing displays to help further support their retailers and drive sales all year round. According to Kim Goldsworthy, Sales Director of North America, the displays are also designed to encourage consumer trial. “Dog Rocks has earned a multitude of awards in both the US and internationally, and sales have amassed well over the 2 million unit mark worldwide, cementing brand credibility. The product is suitable for any breed or size dog. Plus, with a 100-percent money-back guarantee, Dog Rocks promises the beautiful lawn and garden you’ve always wanted.”

Measuring approximately 6” H x 11” L x 7.2” W, the displays are available in two options to keep Dog Rocks front and center all year round. One option can hold twelve 200-gram bags of Dog Rocks, while the other option holds four 600-gram bags. Informational pamphlets are included to detail both employees and shoppers on best practices and how to use the product. What’s best is that the displays have a very small footprint so they will not take up too much valuable shelf or counter space, while still creating brand awareness and product education.

“We are confident that our displays will be a great asset to our retail partners,” says Goldsworthy. “Each display features direct-to-consumer sales materials on the displays themselves, as well as informative brochures to help detail customers at times when store employees may not be available.”

Dog Rocks are 100% natural rocks found exclusively in Australia. Once placed in a dog’s water bowl, the rocks will help save lawns from pet urine burn marks, with results seen as early as 3 – 5 weeks. This product is proven to work continuously to filter out the specific impurities responsible for excess nitrate concentrations in canine urine, which is the cause of lawn burn. Plus, it helps fertilize pet owners’ lawns and plants, saving dog owners from spending money on expensive lawn treatments.  For best results use Dog Rocks all year round to yield the best results for a lush green lawn.

Offered in two different bag sizes – 200-gram (0.44 lbs), ideal for small to medium sized dogs and a single water source, and 600-gram (1.32 lbs), perfect for multiple pets or larger dogs, where there is more than one multiple water source or larger fountains are used – Dog Rocks are distributed through Podium Pet Products’ website.


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