DOG PULLER Championship History, 2018 Highlights and 2019 Details

March 26, 2019

Press release: COLLAR Company

The first DOG PULLER championship was held on September 26, 2012, and already in December the International Federation of DOG PULLER was registered. For several years, about 60 tournaments have been held in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Canada, Japan, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria.

In 2018 the World DOG PULLER Championship was held for the first time. The tournament gathered more than 70 international sports pairs from South Korea, Portugal, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Russia.

The dogs, divided into categories depending on their size and breed, competed in two disciplines, “PULLER Running” and “PULLER Jumping.” Teams of certified referees, as well as more than a thousand spectators in the stadium, followed each movement of the participants.

Two official world records were set in both disciplines. A Border Collie named Ivy (owner Margaret German, Russia) managed to make 116 jumps with grabbing the PULLER dog fitness tool.

Ten-year-old Anya Marouskova from the Czech Republic became the youngest participant of the World Championship. Together with her little pet she proved that with a proper endeavor, almost everyone could reach incredible results in DOG PULLER.

For the second World DOG PULLER Championship, owners and their pets will be welcomed to Hungary in the ancient city of Sopron, which is situated in the northwest of the country. The participants will compete in two main disciplines: “PULLER Running” and “PULLER Jumping.” The Championship will be held in 2019 from September 7 to 8.

To participate in the World DOG PULLER Championship, one has to get into the national ranking that is formed in the qualifying DOG PULLER championships. The athletes willing to participate in DOG PULLER championships may contact the head of the National Federation of their country. In countries that do not have the National Federation, the participants-to-be can contact the head of the International Federation of DOG PULLER, Varvara Petrenko, directly.

The DOG PULLER movement has developed rapidly. In 2017, the “Japan Animalpic Committee,” which consists of key people from the international exhibition Interpets as well as influential participants of the Japanese zoo business, came up with the initiative in 2020 to hold the Olympic Games for dogs that will be held immediately after the end of the main Olympics in 2020. DOG PULLER and other disciplines (such as dog-frisbee, agility, freestyle, kanicross) will be included in the sports program of the competition.

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