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Dog Pillow Company Partners with New Reps

Pet Age Staff//January 8, 2020//

Dog Pillow Company Partners with New Reps

Pet Age Staff //January 8, 2020//

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Press release: The Dog Pillow Company

The Dog Pillow Company is pleased to announce its partnership with three new rep companies: Debbie Dean Promotions (Northwest), The Pet Team (California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii) and Pet Brand Builder (Northeast). Teaming up with these manufacturing representatives will help to further distribute The Dog Pillow product to the best wholesale and pet retailers around the country.

 Launched in early 2019, The Dog Pillow Company has been successfully helping dogs to cozy up like never before. This one-of-a-kind innovative pet pillow was specifically designed with a pet’s comfort and security in mind. Not only does The Dog Pillow enhance a pet’s sleep space, but its unique dog-shaped design makes a great calming companion for canines who suffer with anxiety. Pet owners are also finding that it’s an easy familiarity item to pack during travel or boarding as well.

“Since we launched, it’s been amazing to see how The Dog Pillow Company has won the hearts of both dogs and owners alike,” says Paula Savarese, president and founder of The Dog Pillow Company. “We are very excited to team up with these three reputable and well-established rep companies that will help take our pillows to the next level of success!”

The Dog Pillow Company was created by founders Paula Savarese and Dawn Ward after they realized that their dogs loved to rest and cuddle with anything that wrapped around their chin and raised their heads just enough to be comfortable. The company has designed every pillow to do just that.

There are seven pillow styles to choose from, with two new designs launching at Global Pet Expo in February (booth #1222). All of the pillows are made from premium polyester/double core fiber fill with a soft, plushy exterior. They are anti-allergenic and machine washable.