November 1, 2019

The dog sector is the most crowded space in the pet industry, and the companies that populate it are as varied as the products they manufacture. Some brands are household names that you know, others have been family-owned and operated for decades, and a few are startups that have only recently entered the pet market.

Pet Age is happy to do its part to present some of the manufacturers that hope to set the bar for standards that others can only hope to meet. Wholesale distributors and retailers looking to make the right call on inventory can gain valuable insight by examining these brands.

While their specialty may range from food and treats or beds and bowls, the brands we are showcasing in the following profiles are passionate about the well-being of our canine companions and their mission is to craft safe, quality and innovative products.

Lucy Caprez, Marketing Director, Barking BuddhaLucy Caprez 2

What is your most popular product?

Barking Buddha Beef Cheeks are the most popular. Since the time that we launched them, they have become a top product for our retail partners because they come in different sizes to meet the needs of every size dog—available in chips, slices and rolls, in natural and peanut butter flavors. What also separates them from other chews is that ours are natural, never bleached, so their collagen content and durability remain the same, and at the lowest price in the market, they are at the reach of every budget.

What sets Barking Buddha apart from your competition?

A few things come to mind, but what stands out for me is that we are a family business. My husband, Patrick, and I work really well together, sharing the same vision for our company. I really believe that our love for our animals and what we do shows in what products we develop, how we launch and market them always keeping truth in advertising. It is very rewarding to partner with smaller distributors that live by the same rule—family first. It is easy to do good business when your values at home transfer onto your company.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

It is important as pet parents to treat our dogs with natural products that they are delicious and beneficial to their health and breaking the budget. Our Beef Cheeks, for example, are almost as durable as our Natural Cravings Monster and Super Monster bullies but with the added benefit of the collagen. Buddha Bubbles as well was formulated for our own dogs, so instead of having multiple shampoos, we created one complete formula to help with all their issues. For us it has always been about the overall health of dogs, and that is what pet owners are looking for.


Matt Bretz, Associate Brand Manager, Pharmaceuticals, Health & Wellness, Bayer Animal HealthMatt Bayer

What is your most popular dog product?

Synovi G4 Joint Health is our most popular dog product based on sales. It helps maintain joint health in dogs as they age, in a palatable soft chew formulation.

What sets Bayer apart from your competition?

We have spent a lot of time gaining pet owner insights, so we know how best to communicate our product features and benefits to consumers at the shelf or in the veterinary clinic.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

We believe that formulation matters. We pay careful attention to what is and what isn’t in our supplements. Our supplement line provides dog owners with options for joint health, aging support, essential fatty acid, digestive support and a daily multivitamin.


Barry Firth, President and Managing Director, BiokleenBarry Biokleen

What is your most popular dog product?

Biokleen Bac-Out Stain & Odor remover had been the No. 1 selling natural cleaning product, so we developed a pet channel exclusive Bac-Out Pet line using our proprietary enzymes and a fresh new lavender lime scent to eliminate any stain a dog can create. The new line includes our Bac-Out Pet Stain & Odor Remover, Bac-Out Pet Foamer for surface stains and Bac-Out Pet Fresh Pet Bed Refresher to eliminate odors from couches, carpet and wherever else pets choose to relax.

What sets Biokleen apart from your competition?

Pet parents, like all parents, are increasingly concerned about the ingredients in the products they use and how those ingredients affect their loved ones and the planet. Since our founding by my father-in-law in 1989, we’ve prided ourselves on creating plant and mineral-based products that are safe and as effective, if not more so, than those that use toxic chemicals.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

At Biokleen, we like to say, “Everyone has a Bac-Out story.” And it seems that daily we get a call, email or Facebook account of how Bac-Out saved the day from some household catastrophe caused by the family pet. Yes, some of the stories are incredible, and we take great pride in hearing from our consumers about how Bac-Out helped save the day.

Furthermore, sales of Biokleen products go to support our Clean for Good program. It includes donations to pet rescues around the country as well as our reforestation program in Indonesia. By the end of the year, we will have planted more than 300,000 trees.


Don King, Vice President of Marketing, Champion PetfoodsDon King headshot

What is your most popular product?

ORIJEN Original and ACANA Red Meat are Champion Petfoods’ most popular recipes in the United States.

What sets Champion apart from your competition?

Champion Petfoods’ commitment to biologically appropriate diets sets us apart and informs our history of investing in long-standing partnerships with regional farms, ranches and fish suppliers. We do this to provide the high levels of fresh and raw proteins featured in our foods, ranging from 60 to 90 percent of our recipes.

Further, we prepare Champion foods in our own manufacturing facilities/kitchens to maintain industry-leading quality standards on ingredient integrity and food safety.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Pet lovers are primarily concerned with the health and well-being of their pets and understand that the quality of the food they serve is connected to their pets’ quality of life. Champion’s range of pet foods provides recipes that are rich in fresh and raw meat, poultry and fish ingredients. We cook our foods at low temperatures and slowly to preserve the bio-available nutrients, vitamins and amino acids from the regionally-sourced ingredients we use. Because our foods respect the eating anatomy and physiology of dogs and cats, we are delivering in every bowl the essential nutrients they need to thrive.


Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein, Co-founders, Earth AnimalBOB and SUSAN

What is Earth Animal’s most popular product?

Earth Animal’s most popular health product continues to be the Nature’s Protection Line, natural flea and tick products consisting of the Daily Herbal Internal Powder, Daily Internal Powder, Herbal Flea and Tick Drops, Flea & Tick Herbal Collar, Flea and Tick Herbal Spot-On, Herbal Bug Spray and Flea and Tick Topical Powder.

What sets Earth Animal apart from the competition?

The philosophy of Another Way (Cause No Harm) strikes a powerful chord with consumers and retailers. There is clearly a trend in health and wellness, away from side effects. There is a strong holistic veterinary presence behind Earth Animal’s products offering education and leadership headed up by Dr. Bob, the formulator of Earth Animal’s products.

Our company was founded in 1979 and was one of the first leaders in the conscious movement of caring for dogs and cats. History and transparency have a way of building trust, a non-tangible but powerful force which stands up to the competition. Earth Animal has been very transparent with regards to its core values and the sourcing of its ingredients.

How do Earth Animal’s products benefit Dogs and train pet parents?

The use of insecticides, pesticides, by-products, artificial coloring agents and dyes, chemical additives and preservatives can take a toll on the animal’s immune system as well as the environment. We believe that our dedication to Another Way (safe, side effect-free products), as well as our deliberate avoidance of sourcing from factory farms, is a huge health benefit to the dogs and cats ingesting or using them. Cancer is epidemic in animals, and we hope to have an impact on reducing some of its triggers. Also, Earth Animal’s environmental policies help to protect the environment enjoyed and shared by animals and humans.


Tara Garland, Marketing Director, Earth RatedGia-37

What is your most popular dog product?

Poop bags! We’ve been proud to protect our customers’ hands with high-quality bags that make picking up after your dog a much more pleasant experience, so you can get back to what’s important: petting dogs. What may seem like a simple product has a really important job and we don’t take that lightly. Our bags are strong, reliable and 100 percent leak-proof, guaranteed. We’ve spent the last 10 years building our customers’ trust to make sure they don’t leave home without us.

What sets Earth Rated apart from your competition?

Our customers are our No. 1 priority! We work hard to make sure that every experience with our products is a positive one, and we have a team dedicated to listening to what our customers have to say so we can continue to improve their experience. We regularly take our customer feedback to our development team to see what products we can offer to improve dog owners’ experiences or simply how we can improve on our current product line to meet needs of a variety of pet owners.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

We make the less fun side of pet ownership (cleaning up) less of a chore. We are proud to help our customers enjoy clean yards, parks, floors, blankets, beds, cars, litter boxes and more by offering a selection of products that helps tackle the dirty work. We’ve designed a convenient leash dispenser with bags on refill rolls to make picking up after your dog hassle-free and we even have a clip on the back of our dispenser to hold your used bags until you can find a garbage. With every product we make we’re looking to give our customers the best possible experience.


Mika Wheelwright, Owner, FidobioticsDSC00115-HDR

What is your most popular dog product?

Our best-selling product is our award-winning probiotic and digestive supplement line called Good Guts, which is available in three strengths for small, medium and big dogs. It is also available in a tuna flavor for cats. Good Guts has a powerful 11 probiotics strains, two prebiotics and five digestive enzymes in a super-easy-to-serve powder. Good Guts has proven to be a must-have for pets with tummy troubles, IBS, GI upset or gas. Good Guts can also help boost the immune system and can improve the inflammatory response of allergies in pets.

What sets Fidobiotics apart from your competition?

Everything Fidobiotics makes is 100 percent human-grade, non-GMO, made in the USA and gluten-free. We also have bottle technology solutions that other companies just aren’t investing in. Our amazing little bottles help to ensure the CFU count is the same when you are giving it to your pet, as it was when we did our quality-control tests. And finally, we are animal lovers ourselves and make products that our own furry family members use.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

We believe in helping pets be happy, inside and out! We know life gets busy, and that is why we make our probiotic supplements easy to administer. Amazingly, 70 percent of a dog’s immune cells are located within their digestive tract. With more and more research pointing to gut health as the biggest indicator of overall health, we want to help your pets get and stay their healthiest, extending the lives of pets and saving owners money in expensive vet bills.


Bryan Nieman, Brand Director, Fromm Family FoodsBryan_Nieman_Fromm_Headshot

What is your most popular dog product?

Our most popular recipe sold is Fromm Adult Gold. Part of our life stage-specific Gold line, Adult Gold features a blend of proteins and wholesome ingredients enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion and salmon oil for a healthy coat, and is an excellent dietary option for normally active adult dogs.

What sets Fromm apart from your competition?

Fromm is family-owned and operated for five generations. Our deep roots within the pet industry and our steadfast commitment to neighborhood pet retailers helps set us apart. This history combined with our meticulous process of development and manufacturing of variety-driven diets for dogs and cats has allowed us to continually innovate dry, canned and treat products for decades.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

All Fromm diets are formulated to be nutritionally complete to deliver the optimal balance of vitamins and nutrients for a variety of stages, sizes and needs, and can be complemented with our canned products and treat offerings. Additionally, the variety-driven nature of our Four-Star products allows pet parents to rotate between recipes as desired without digestive upset.


Dawn Leoso Duncan, Vice President, Glo-Marr Products Inc.DAWN GloMarr

What is your most popular dog product? 

Our most popular grooming product is Kenic Kalaya Emu Shampoo. It is an amazing product because the emu oil actually penetrates the skin and restores and heals from the inside out. Emu oil has been used for centuries because of its healing properties. The Kalaya Emu line also has a complementing spray and cream. Best to use the spray to support the ultra-moisturizing properties of the shampoo in between baths. The cream would be applied to specific areas of irritation and dryness.

What sets Glo-Marr apart from your competition?

Glo-Marr has been manufacturing non-detergent shampoos since 1965—before it was the popular thing to do. We have stood the test of time, and we take great pride in that fact. Fifty-four years in this industry… and we are still excited about what is coming next.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners? 

Pet wellness is really family happiness. Our products allow for the pet to be comfortable, happy, healthy and clean. When our pets are itching, stinky and irritable, it makes us uncomfortable.


Chuck Simons, Inventor and Owner, Groomers HelperChuck Simons Cuddy

What is your most popular dog product?

The Groomers Helper Starter Set, which is on every grooming table at all the major chain and thousands of independent salons around the world, helps keep both groomers and the pets they work on safe on over a million grooms every week! The Groomers Helper Starter Set is a game-changer for every pet that was ever groomed, and every groomer that ever picked up a shear, nail clipper or brush.

What sets Groomers Helper apart from your competition?

In all fairness, there really is no competition for a complete Safety & Positioning System like the Groomers Helper. It is a unique, patented system that has been recognized around the world as a mandatory piece of safety equipment.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

The most critical issue in grooming is not scissor work, not topknots and beards, it is safety. The Groomers Helper controls a pet owners’ pet while being worked on so it cannot fall off the table, jump off the table, and so it stays in a safely restricted footprint. It also minimizes the pet’s bite radius for groomer safety, which from a liability standpoint is a major factor.


Jay Michaelson, Founder and CEO, HandsOn GlovesSuperZoo17Win_IMG_8143

What is your most popular dog product?

Our No. 1 ranked, multi-award-winning HandsOn Gloves, the all-in-one solution for shedding, bathing and daily grooming. We launched at the beginning of 2016 with only a medium and large black pair of gloves. Since then we have added a junior, small and extra large to the lineup in black, green and purple. HandsOn gloves are so popular we started getting cheap counterfeits and knockoffs almost out of the gate. Our patent finally issued recently and we are starting to get these products removed from the marketplace.

What sets HandsOn apart from your competition?

[It’s] animal preferred for the loving HandsOn massage. Horses, dogs, cats, livestock and more don’t even know they are being groomed or de-shed with the patented HandsOn Gloves. HandsOn outperforms traditional curry combs, bathing mitts, shedding blades, metal bristles and any de-shedder on the market today. HandsOn is changing the way we bathe, de-shed and groom all of our animals—forever.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

There’s no better gift than bonding with your pet! HandsOn Gloves only massages the ready-to-shed hair out and does not rip and cut hair out like metal blades and bristle brushes. The loving massage of HandsOn lets you easily groom your dog, creating a happy and less-stressful experience for both of you, even at bath time.


Marilyn Pianelli, President and Owner, Headlight HarnessHeadlight Harness Marilyn

What is your most popular dog product?

Our most popular product is the Headlight Harness. Having sizes from XS to XXL fits dogs from 3 pounds up to 200 pounds. Since introducing our newest colors of pink, orange and blue, our sales have tripled. In addition, our matching double-handle leashes are also a top seller and makes a perfect set. They are sturdy, highly reflective and the handles are super-padded to make it an easier and more comfortable walk.

What sets Headlight Harness apart from your competition?

What sets Headlight Harness apart from the competition is our super-bright LED light that is integrated in the chest of the harness. All of our harnesses are highly reflective, have four points of adjustability, have a front and back leash attachment point and made with the highest quality to keep your pet safe and comfortable. The Headlight Harness also keeps your pet safe and secure in any vehicle. Simply run the seatbelt through the sturdy handle on the top and buckle it for a safe and relaxing ride.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Keeping you and your pets safe is the reason why we created the Headlight Harness, so all of our products are made with safety and comfort in mind. We have gotten hundreds of emails from people telling us how our products have helped save their pets’ life. We hope to always be the bright light that helps keep you and your pet safe.


Brad Gruber, President, Health Extension Pet Care Brad with Blaze

What is your most popular dog product?

The super-premium recipe that put Health Extension on the map is our Original Chicken and Brown Rice. It’s formulated from a special blend of nutrients you won’t find anywhere else that’s made especially for puppies and adult dogs. It’s made with organic free-range chicken as the first ingredient plus other wholesome ingredients like highly digestible brown rice, oatmeal, flaxseeds and lamb. Our “solution-based nutrition” provides a balanced diet as well as promotes overall health, having superfoods like astralagus, blue green algae, ginger, ginkgo biloba and primrose oil. Plus it has glucosamine and chondroitin to promote strong flexible joints, probiotics for tummy health and kelp for a balanced blend of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. This hypoallergenic anti-hypoglycemic formula is made with no added sugar and never any gluten, corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial preservatives or colors.

What sets Health Extension apart from your competition?

We believe our mission statement says it all! “Our family is dedicated to providing independent pet store owners with foods they can be proud to sell as their own. By committing to the finest holistic ingredients at the best possible price, we give pets the nutrition they need—and retailers the competitive advantage they need to thrive.”

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Health Extension Dog Food offers fur babies the ultimate, completely balanced holistic nutrition. All-natural, highly digestible meat proteins proactively provide your dog with the benefits of a healthier life in every mouthwatering bite.


Michael Williams, Procurement Manager, Indigenous Pet ProductsMICHAEL WILLIAMS

What is your most popular dog product?

Indigenous Pet Products offers several varieties of dental health bones for dogs. Pegetables offer unique flavors and shapes made with healthy sweet potatoes, peas and carrots. The popularity of our Indigenous Dental Health Bones brand triggered the development of a mini size for toy breeds and a new Duck formula to complement our Potato and Lamb flavor for dogs with chicken allergies. With our distinct flavors and unique shapes, each dog has their favorite. Speaking with dog owners, they love the bacon flavor mentioning the aroma.

What sets Indigenous Pet apart from your competition?

Indigenous Dental Health Bones launched in 2014 with a focus of creating a dental chew with functional benefits for dogs. Our ingredient deck was formulated by highly educated scientists with several years’ experience in the food science industry. It is important that our treats are designed and manufactured in the USA using only top-quality ingredients. It’s important that the key team members who started Indigenous are still part of this daily process. If you call with a question or concern, you are going to get to talk with someone that was part of the development process and understands the functionality of each ingredient.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Indigenous Dental Health Bones offer a complement to the complete oral care of your dog. As a supplement to brushing your dog’s teeth, our bones have been clinically shown to help with the reduction of plaque and tarter when included in your dog’s daily diet. For the best results we suggest serving at least a half bone after each meal.


Sara Schrekenhofer, Advertising Executive, Leather BrothersSara Schrekenhofer

What is your most popular dog product?

Our most popular dog product is our Luxe Leather collection. Classic yet luxurious, Luxe leather collars are made of genuine supple leather. Sturdy nickel-plated hardware is used to make this product durable and lasting. Sizes are available in 10” to 26” in ½”, ¾” and 1” widths. Matching 4-foot and 6-foot leads are finely crafted to complement the collars. They are available in alluring Violet, sophisticated Jade, lustrous Goldenrod, ravishing Ruby, classic Turquoise and pink Flamingo, as well as Tobacco Brown and Black Onyx. Leather Brothers products are proudly made in the United States.

What sets Leather Brothers apart from your competition?

Having a durable and top-notch quality made product is important to our company. Our founding brothers made a commitment to USA-made products over 43 years ago. We take pride in the quality of our American-made pet products, reflecting the decades of experience we’ve dedicated to making a product you can count on for consistent quality and value.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

We want our products to have a positive impact on both the consumer and their fur baby. A collar fitting just right is essential to the well-being of a dog. And we want each and every pet to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while sporting our products. Top-notch quality, safety, function and the source of our products are all important key qualities we pay attention to. Leather Brothers runs tests on all of our products for break strength, color sustainability, metal content and many other product properties to ensure the quality and functionality remains true to our product name.


Jennifer Gibbs, Vice President of Sales, NuloHead Shot

What is your most popular dog product?

Our No. 1 selling kibble is our Adult Turkey formula, but all of our products sell extremely well, so it’s a close race!

What sets Nulo apart from your competition?

Nulo has been at the forefront of pet nutrition for the past decade, creating only the highest quality foods to fuel a pet’s inner athlete. We constantly challenge ourselves to produce the very best recipes available and never settle for second best. Nulo’s goal is to inspire pet parents to be more disciplined about what they’re putting into their dogs’ and cats’ bowls. We launched two new grain inclusive lines at SuperZoo: Frontrunner and Challenger. These, combined with our Freestyle line, complete a comprehensive continuum of products to address different consumer needs and price points all while staying true to our nutritional legacy of high meat, low carb, low glycemic foods. Nulo has a unique marketing strategy that drives new traffic to our retail partners through our partnership with 23 Olympic and elite athletes as well as lifestyle ambassadors. We’re one of the few brands in our channel focused on driving new customers to independent pet retailers throughout the country.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Nulo’s premium nutritional platform improves the quality of life for dogs and inspires pet parents to live a happier, healthy, active lifestyle with their pets. Our goal is to provide all dogs with the best nutrition available at all different price ranges.


Paul DiBrito, President, Paw CBDPaul DiBrito Photo 2

What is your most popular product?

Our top-selling product is our 300 mg Peanut Butter CBD Oil Tincture.

What sets Paw CBD apart from your competition?

All Paw CBD products are veterinarian formulated using premium, lab-tested CBD oil from hemp grown in the U.S. with non-GMO farming practices. Our tincture oils come with plastic droppers for pet safety, and we offer our products at the lowest price per [milligram] on the market. Products come in varying strengths based on a pet’s weight for optimal use and benefit.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

CBD has powerful properties to support overall health and wellness, in both people and pets. Owners looking for natural options can turn to premium, lab-tested, THC-free Paw CBD products—from tinctures to treats and soft chews to topicals. Tinctures can be administered orally, added to a dog’s favorite food or used to make healthy, natural homemade treats. Our crunchy biscuits come in three flavors, and our soft chews come in flavors and formulas for general wellness, calming and hip and joint support. Our creamy peanut butter is a great, fun treat that dogs love, and our balm is perfect for active pets to soothe nose, elbows and paw pads.


Veda Flores, Operations Manager, PernaPureVeda PernaPure

What is your most popular dog product?

PernaPure’s Motion formula for hip and joint maintenance and support.

What sets PernaPure apart from the competition?

PernaPure is just what the name implies: pure. It is a single ingredient (green lipped mussel powder) product, which provides an unadulterated source of naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans containing heparin sulphate, dermatan sulfate, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, in addition to Omega-3 fatty acids, all amino acids (including taurine, which is vital for cats), vitamin B-12 and minerals. The combination of these active ingredients allows the joints to continue to self-repair and replenish using the anti-inflammatory and lubricating properties they provide. Green lipped mussel powder is human grade, and is offered in encapsulated form for pet owners to also experience the same health benefits as their pets.

How does your product benefit pets and their owners?

Green lipped mussels grow in the pristine waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sound. They are fully traceable from the placement of the mussel seeds or “spat” in ocean suspended, sock-nets to harvest. Once mature, they are then processed via freeze-drying, which preserves and protects the mussels’ beneficial compounds from oxidation, ensuring a longer shelf life.

Environmentally conscious consumers desire products that influence positive change. Mussels are filter feeders that eat plankton, remove nitrogen, and thus improve their surrounding ecosystem. A single row of floating mussels can clean over a million gallons of water per day. Green lipped mussels have been recognized as the No. 1 choice of sustainable seafood.


Bill Parsons, Account Manager, P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You)Bill Parsons PLAY

What is your most popular dog product?

The most popular dog accessory at P.L.A.Y. is most definitely our best-selling, multi-featured Scout and About Deluxe Training Pouch.

What sets P.L.A.Y. apart from your competition?

At P.L.A.Y. we set ourselves apart from competition through innovative, fun, functional and beautiful designs in all our products. With the Scout and About Deluxe Training Pouch, it not only includes standards like a poop bag dispenser and a deep main treat pocket, but it also features a built-in squeaker to use as an alternate way of getting dog’s attention while training.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

With benefits to the dogs always at the forefront in product we design, we never forget their human companions and include features in all our products that address their human’s desires for the best possible product in both design and functionality. As an example, our Scout and About Deluxe Training Pouch can be secured not only using traditional belt loops, but it also comes with an adjustable strap that humans can use around their waist as well as cross-body strap to use over the shoulder. These various ways to use it mean that it is both functional and comfortable for a variety of pet parents to use in many different settings, from an agility class to a peaceful walk through the park.


Beth Sommers, President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Pure and Natural PetBeth-Sommers-President-CMO-Pura-Naturals-Pet-670x710

What is your most popular dog product?

Although we have many best-sellers, our shampoos have been a staple of our product line since the start of the company. Bathing plays an important role in the health of our pet’s coat and skin, so we developed Natural and USDA Certified Organic shampoos that meet every pet’s needs. This year we added more task-specific dog shampoos, like our Itch Relief Shampoo, Shed Control Shampoo and a 2-In-1 Grain Free Shampoo that’s ideal for dogs that suffer from allergies.

What sets Pure and Natural apart from your competition?

Many of our core grooming and wellness products are USDA Certified Organic. Pure and Natural Pet takes pride in being transparent about our product ingredients. We’re vocal members of the Organic Trade Association and Pet Sustainability Coalition. We advocate and support legislation for organic farming and animal safety. In addition, we’ve partnered with the Collegiate Veterinary Program at Tufts University to further support our future doctors of veterinary care with options in organic pet wellness.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

We handpick ingredients that have healthy and healing attributes that work together to have dogs feeling and looking their best. With our products, owners have their dogs’ needs covered from head to toe! This includes flea and tick prevention, ear cleansing, oral and dental care, paw protection and a host of other wellness and grooming products. Owners can take comfort in knowing that what they’re using ensures the wellness and safety of their pet, family and the environment.


Josef and Leah Rodarti, Co-founders, Purequosajoe and leah - pet age (1 of 1)

What is your most popular dog product?

Our most popular dog grooming product is Clean Coat. It’s formulated with the odor-fighting power of colloidal silver, plant hydrosols and dog-safe essential oils to help keep your four-legged friend smelling fresh and feeling clean in between baths. Our boys love the lavender lemongrass scent.

What sets Purequosa apart from your competition?

Colloidal silver is our differentiator. Silver targets and suffocates the harmful and odor-causing bacteria on your dog. At Purequosa, we want to raise the standards on pure, clean products. We strongly believe in the power of the plant and its ability to heal, which is why we formulate our products to contain certified USDA organic plant hydrosols and essential oils.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

We have two standard poodles at home (Harry and Sonny). We are driven to only create products for dogs that we would feel safe putting on ourselves. Purequosa creates genuinely all-natural dog products. We are fully transparent throughout our products regarding the ingredients we use because there is no reason not to.


Greg Dovidio, President and CEO, Surf City Pet WorksGreg Dovidio Headshot for Pet Age

What is your most popular dog product?

We have two flagship products that serve two entirely different purposes, but both promote stress relief and wellness for dog and owner. Our Hands-Free/Tangle-Free Leash and Massage Therapy Jacket have been received overwhelmingly well equally.

What sets Surf City Pet Works apart from your competition?

Gone are the days when dog owners just grabbed any old leash or compression-based anti-anxiety/calming shirts or blankets without giving much thought to anything other than keeping their pet safely tethered and/or calm. Now, thanks to our innovative use of different fabrics, materials and technology, consumers can select from various designs that all include built-in safety and comfort features for both canines and humans. Our intensified focus on quality, durability and strength easily distinguishes our products from the “same old, same old” products out there.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

The consistent trend we’re seeing is that consumers are looking for products that make time spent with their dog not only safe but fun. Safety has become increasingly important to dog owners, especially since so many walk their dogs after sundown. As such, products that improve visibility, such as reflective materials or LED lighting, were a big motivating factor when considering the designs of our products. At the same time, more dog owners are expressing their personality—and their pet’s personality—through our product lines because of their uniqueness and effectiveness.


Megan Stoll, Co-owner, Suzie’s CBD Treats  Megan Stoll

What is your most popular dog product?

Our most popular product is our Suzie’s Goes Nuts CBD peanut butter.

What sets your products apart from others on the market?  

Suzie’s is completely vertically integrated, which means we control every step ourselves until the product gets to your pets. We’re also unique because we went the extra mile to get USDA Organic certified, so our customers know we have the USDA’s standards to uphold. Above all else, Suzie’s dedication to working with each customer to ensure CBD is accessible, transparent and affordable sets us apart.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Suzie’s CBD offers products for all the pet parents looking for the best for their pets. Suzie’s CBD offers therapeutic effects for chronic issues as well as an ability to help restore balance and promote homeostasis. Additionally, CBD provides the foundation for pet parents to be able to socialize and train their pets. With both health and wellness in balance, pets and their owners can live the happiest, healthiest lives together!


Scott Reinhardt, VP of Sales & Marketing, Swedencare USAScott Reinhardt

What is your most popular dog product?

PlaqueOff Powder. Dental care is unfortunately one of the most overlooked health issues pet owners are concerned with, and plaque bacteria can constantly form in the mouth of all cats and dogs. Once plaque has calcified into tartar, it can no longer be brushed off with a toothbrush. In many cases it has to be removed by a vet using ultrasound. The PlaqueOff Powder Oral Care products are designed to help eliminate plaque and tartar in dogs and cats and eliminate breath odor. The powder comes in a granulated form, which is easily added to food every day. It is rich in natural iodine and contains important vitamins and minerals, and is free from artificial colors, preservatives, gluten and sugar. Specially formulated to appeal to our feline friends, ProDen PlaqueOff Powder Cat contains all the benefits of ProDen PlaqueOff Powder, but with added brewer’s yeast.

What sets Swedencare apart from your competition?

We differ from other oral care products in the fact we are natural verses chemical-based. We feel effective oral care should be easy to use and healthy for your pet.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

A daily use of PlaqueOff and PlaqueOff System products helps keep a dog or cat’s mouth clean and odor-free. Good oral care maintenance is often overlooked in animals, yet good oral care is essential for the overall health and vitality of your best friends.


George Barton, Marketing Manager, Tall TailsTall Tails George

What is your most popular dog product?

Tall Tails Natural Leather & Wool Ring Toy.

What sets Tall Tails apart from your competition?

The Tall Tails mission is to comfort the ones that comfort us, and enhancing the bond between pet parents and their best friends is our priority. Tall Tails ensures that both pets and their parents have the tools for a healthy life—letting them explore, play, rest and recover with products that they deserve. Our 85-year history of manufacturing infant products has guided our quality for pet. What was safe for your baby is now safe for your fur baby.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Tall Tails Toys offer both the durability and the safety pet parents seek when shopping for their dog. Our line of all-natural leather and wool toys is constructed with natural and durable materials. We take the extra step of utilizing vegetable-tanned leather and guaranteeing no harmful or toxic materials are used in the production process. Dogs can’t resist the satisfaction of biting and playing with the fun and unique shapes of our natural leather toy line. Through interactive play, Tall Tails Toys are designed to enhance the bond between pets and pet parents.


Brittany Green, Product Manager, Tomlyn Veterinary ScienceBrittany Green

What is your most popular dog product?

Tomlyn’s High Calorie Nutritional Gel for dogs, more commonly known as Nutri-Cal, is not only our most popular product, but has been a staple since the brand’s inception in 1976. The product is a great source of energy, vitamins and minerals ideal for working dogs, active dogs, small breeds, picky eaters and those with reduced appetites.

What sets Tomlyn apart from your competition?

In addition to products focusing on quality ingredients and formulations, Tomlyn provides education and insight on more than just our products. We strive to help pet parents understand common issues their dogs may face by providing educational guides and informative blogs all coordinated with the help of our on-staff veterinarians.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

The most beneficial supplement for your dog is the one they’re willing to take. Tomlyn strives to create high-quality products that are both highly palatable and easy to administer for better compliance to ensure the full benefit of each product is achieved.


Scott Van Winkle, Vice President, VetericynScott6

What is your most popular dog product?

The most versatile and widely used product is our Vetericyn PLUS wound and skin care solution. This technology is also available in applicators for ear and eye care as well! The effectiveness of this technology for cuts, wounds, hot spots, eye and ear irritations are second to none. The Vetericyn PLUS wound and skin care products are as safe as saline, so pet parents can be confident when using it in sensitive areas. It is recommended by veterinarians worldwide because it’s the first line of defense for cleaning and caring for wounds, will not harm healthy tissue and jump-starts the healing process.

What sets Vetericyn apart from your competition?

Vetericyn does not sell any “me-too” products that are commonly found in pet care. All of our pet-centric solutions are built from the ground up, backed by scientific data and unique to the industry. Being family owned, we are able to focus on the customer and not an investor or shareholder. We strive to lead innovation in at-home pet health.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Improving the quality of life for pets (dogs) is one of our key motivators as an innovation company. We want to get problems solved quickly and also offer preventative solutions to keep our beloved animals happy, healthy and active. Understanding how physiological processes in the animal’s body works helps us develop products that mimics the body’s natural defenses and are not resistant prone like antibiotics or have side effects that impede optimal health.


Allyson Schmidt, Marketing and Product Manager, Vitakraft Sun SeedNew Headshot

What is your most popular dog product?

Vitakraft’s most popular dog treats in Germany are the Beef Stick treats, an original innovation first launched 30 years ago. We’re excited to bring a new updated version of our international best-selling treat to the U.S. now with Treaties Smoked Chicken Sticks. Made with over 87 percent pure chicken, Treaties are a hearty snack for dogs that are free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and added sugars. They come individually wrapped for freshness and are perfect for on the go.

What sets Vitakraft apart from your competition?

For more than a century and a half, Vitakraft Pet Care has been an industry leader in creating innovative pet care products. Our company began with—and continues to be led by today—a heartfelt love for animals and commitment to providing pets with species-appropriate nutrition. By thinking outside the box and focusing on the needs and wants of animals, Vitakraft has become an internationally recognized name in quality pet care.

How do your products benefit dogs and their owners?

Dogs have an important role in our families, and they deserve all the love, attention and care that we can offer. Vitakraft products are designed to make it easy for dog owners to provide their companions with the healthy, quality nutrition they need and feel confident they are giving their dog the best possible care, with rawhide-free Bar-B-Chews, soft-bite Meaty Morsels and Treaties sticks made with over 87 percent pure chicken. Dogs love Vitakraft’s variety of flavors and textures, and owners appreciate the convenience and small-batch quality.

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