February 27, 2015

Rebekah: What are some of the key features of the Zilla Premium Aquatic Turtle Kit?

Ryan: The Zilla Premium Aquatic Turtle Kit is designed with an open, angled top which allows for easy viewing of your pet turtle while showcasing a contemporary habitat. The Zilla Basking Platform Filter is included with the kit. It stylishly combines a basking area for your turtle while hiding the filtration which also frees up space in the aquarium. The Zilla Mini Heat and UVB Fixture with guide rail looks sleek and is adjustable, allowing movement of the light from side to side so that the basking platform always has the necessary light directly above it. The Zilla Mini Tropical UVB CFL Bulb and Mini Halogen Bulb provide the heat and UVB required for turtles to metabolize the calcium and foods in their diets, keeping them healthy.

Rebekah: What makes this a good tank for turtles?

Ryan: The design of the Zilla Aquatic Turtle habitat allows the owner to view their turtle both underwater and hanging out on the basking platform. It eliminates the extra, unnecessary glass and the obstructive screen top so that the turtle is visible at all times.
Another major benefit is having the basking platform and filter in one unit. This eliminates the extra clutter of bulky filters and provides more space for the turtle to roam. The Zilla Basking Platform Filter also has a 360 degree design so it can be placed anywhere and in any direction without the need to be against a wall like other platforms.

Rebekah: Tell me more about the sloped top.

Ryan: The rimless top allows the tank to have a sleeker look.  The sloped front lets the owner view the turtle when it’s out basking without having to look through glass or over the top or through the screen.  All of the edges are sanded and beveled for a clean and crisp design.

Rebekah: Can other animals use it too or just turtles?

Ryan: The Zilla Premium Aquatic Turtle Kit is an adequate habitat for other animals as well, as long as they cannot climb glass or are able to get out of the open top design. For example, amphibious animals such as fire-bellied toads and fire-bellied newts, terrestrial invertebrates such as emperor scorpions and small tortoise species such as Greek or Russian tortoises would all do well in this kit. The tortoises would benefit from the UVB and heat lamp that comes with the kit. Although terrestrial animals will not use the filter, an animal such as a leopard gecko would still use the platform to bask, though you would be sure to place in the center and away from an edge of the enclosure.

Rebekah: Does it come in different sizes?

Ryan: The Zilla Premium Aquatic Turtle Kit comes in two sizes: a 20 gallon long tank and 40 gallon breeder.

Rebekah: What should retailers know about the tank?

Ryan: There are a lot of options to make this open tank very realistic and it can be a focal point of any family room. With its contemporary design, it fits well into spaces without having the bulky tank look.

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