November 4, 2016

As I perused the contents of the November issue for a theme to inspire my first Editor’s Note since joining Pet Age, I realized that I was unable to limit myself to a single subject. There are too many exciting topics packed into this issue to examine just one in my Editor’s Letter.

Take the political pets feature by Alexandra Wepner (p. 14), where she uncovers the patterns in a consumer’s purchasing behavior. Alexandra’s research not only takes us back to Richard Nixon’s “Checkers speech” from 1952 it also presents the plethora of products that connect pet owners to the 2016 presidential election, ranging from Celebrity Pet Toy’s plush toys to Politikats scratching posts.

Among the Management columns in this issue, you’ll find Andy Black examining seven key skills needed to provide the superior level of customer service that many retailers are lacking (p. 8). If you master these attributes, you can improve your reputation among consumers and better your chance at becoming the cornerstone of your community for pet owners.

For those of you interested in the fishkeeping hobby, you are well aware that there’s been a rising interest in aquascaping thanks to a technique called in vitro tissue culture, a process that clones plant specimens. With so many varieties of aquatic plants exploding onto the market, Karen M. Alley spotlights the products that companies are offering aquatic enthusiasts who want to raise and keep these plants hardy and healthy (p. 62).

This is just a sampling of what’s in store this month in Pet Age, as our team of experts brings you the most recent news and notes in the pet world, including a look at the latest industry briefs (p.34), a Q&A with Exclusively Pet (p. 88) and, of course, the newest products to hit the market (p. 16). And there’s much more to explore in this month’s issue, but I’ll allow you to discover it for yourself. Read on, and enjoy!


Glenn A. Polyn



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