February 13, 2018

Pet Age recently met with Lorie Viner, founder and president of Vee Enterprises, to learn more about the manufacturer of interactive cat toys.

Q What was your inspiration for starting Vee Enterprises in 1988?
A In 1988, Max, our family cat, became an indoor cat with endless amounts of energy. He would run wild throughout the house causing all kinds of ruckus. In order to get his attention in an attempt to play with him, I’d use our tree branches. Needless to say, the branches wouldn’t last very long during these play sessions. Tired of raking up the leaves left all over the house, I knew there had to be a better solution. That is when magic struck, and after gathering some loose materials in the house, I developed what is known today as the original PURRfect Cat Toy.

Q How would you describe cat owners’ reaction to your cat toys?
A Throughout the years, cat owners from all over the world have praised our products. We’ve received numerous industry accolades as well as a reputation for safe, reliable, sturdy and fun pet products. This comes as no surprise because before any of our products hit the market they’re always cat tested and approved first.

Q Can you describe some of the features that are unique to your product line?
A Safety is a big concern for us. That’s why all of our products—unlike many others on the market—do not use metal connectors, mylar or toxic colored dyes. All of our feathers are naturally treated without harsh chemicals so they maintain the feathers’ natural flexibility, scent and durability. We use non-toxic coloring on some of our feather toys and vegetable tanned leathers for others. Some of our longer wand toys have noise makers inside the wand that cats can hear while others mimic sounds such as a rustling in the bushes or a bird in flight. All of these are aimed at capturing any cat’s attention.

Q How do you define “interactive cat toy,” and why is it important to a cat’s health?
A An interactive cat toy allows the cat to act out their natural predatory instincts without actually hunting real prey. Most importantly, interactive cat toys are the best way for pet owners to bond with their animal. Thirty years ago we discovered the importance of interactive play for stimulation and exercise of indoor cats. Hunting, chasing and catching prey is their natural instinct and is an important part of the animal’s well-being.

Q What value do you find in attending pet industry trade shows?
A Attending industry trade shows gives us the opportunity to meet directly with buyers from all over the world. Some even go as far as recommending our products to potential buyers for us while at the show based on their proven track record of sales. It’s a great venue to showcase our new products and reach thousands of potential new buyers.

Q With this being your company’s 30th anniversary, what does the future hold for Vee Enterprises?
A We are committed to continuing our pursuit in making quality, American-made toys that are both entertaining and safe for animal play. We do have a few new toys in the works and can’t wait to showcase them at upcoming industry shows.

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