Custom Aquariums Receieves Patent for the Siphon Stopper Emitter

April 3, 2017

Custom Aquariums has been granted a United States patent for the Siphon Stopper aquarium output nozzle, which minimizes the risk of a back siphon from the aquarium to the filter sump without reliance on failure-prone check valves.

The advantage of the Siphon Stopper design is that no seals are required to break the back siphoning of water from the aquarium in the event of a pump-stopping power outage. Air will automatically enter the Siphon Stopper cap when the flow of water is shut off. No matter what height the output nozzle is positioned under the water, the Siphon Stopper cap sits at the water line and will break the back siphon. Gravity will then empty the water line from the return pump to the output nozzle, so there is no back pressure on the pump when power comes back on, resulting in the filter resuming normal operation without any need for priming.

The Siphon Stopper output nozzle provides peace of mind for aquarium hobbyists and maintenance companies who will not have round-the-clock observation of the aquarium system. There is no longer the need to rely upon questionable check valves, o-rings or gaskets to prevent costly damage due to back siphon floods from an aquarium.

“We rely upon the Custom Aquariums filter system in hundreds of aquariums that we service. The Siphon Stopper has put an end to emergency service calls to restart pumps or canister filters after power goes out,” said Chris Hale, vice president of Serenity Aquarium & Aviary Services.

siphon-stopper-positionsHere are the Siphon Stopper’s key features:

  • Air intake cap automatically breaks a back siphon should the water flow stop
  • Minimizes flood risk and volume of back siphon during a power outage or pump failure
  • Works great with the Seamless Sump system
  • Does not rely on check valves with failure prone gaskets or springs
  • Loc-Line knuckle allows many output positions and nozzle options
  • Siphon Stopper cap allows surface circulation and aeration
  • Siphon stopping cap is above water line, yet below the lids to minimize evaporation
  • Can be manipulated in multiple positions to easily control water circulation
  • Easy installation, all that is needed is one hole drilled for a bulkhead
  • Installs out of your line of sight, very little visual impact on look of your aquascape
  • Clean, professional look

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