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Cardinal Crystal Awards Adds a Cash Prize

Pet Age Staff//March 17, 2015//

Cardinal Crystal Awards Adds a Cash Prize

Pet Age Staff //March 17, 2015//

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The Annual Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards will be presented to the pet grooming industry’s best and most elite at the SuperZoo show in Las Vegas on July 21, 2015. For the first time, winners of the award will each receive a cash prize of $1,000 to go along with their crystal obelisk statue.

According to Tony de Vos, president and CEO of Cardinal Laboratories, the addition of cash prizes will serve to enhance the Cardinal Crystal Awards’ long-standing objective of promoting high standards and professionalism in the pet grooming industry.

“The Crystal Awards were started by Shirlee Kalstone at the Intergroom Show in 1988 to give members of the grooming industry a pinnacle of excellence to strive for,” he said. “Over the past quarter century, grooming has become much more respected as both an art and a profession and we like to think the Cardinal Crystal Awards have played a role in making this happen. Adding the cash prize is our way of thanking those who, through their diligence, talent, creativity and hard work, continue to make vital contributions to our industry. We also believe that offering this prize will heighten the buildup and excitement surrounding the Cardinal Crystal Awards voting and presentation ceremony.”

This year, Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards will be presented in six categories: American Groomer of the Year, International Groomer of the Year, Mobile Groomer of the Year, Grooming Judge of the Year, Congeniality Award and the David G. Salzberg Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Grooming Industry.

Beginning next year, groomers who have won a Cardinal Crystal Award will not be eligible to receive another award in the same category.

“This is being done to make the awards more inclusive and hopefully achieve recognition for some of the many talented and deserving groomers out there who may have been overlooked in the past,” said de Vos.