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Creating a Cozy, Comfy and Safe Sleepy Time

Pet Age Staff//February 10, 2014//

Creating a Cozy, Comfy and Safe Sleepy Time

Pet Age Staff //February 10, 2014//

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Providing a comfortable and warm sleeping environment is just as important inside the cage as it is outside.

While using a cage covers, such as the custom covers offered by Cozzzy Covers, can shut out light and stop cold drafts from affecting a bird’s sleep pattern, giving the bird, especially parrots, something to cuddle up to is important.

Making a companion bird’s cage not only stimulating, but comfortable betters their quality of life. Allowing the bird to access toys easily, hanging food and water dishes out of the way of messes, and providing a warm and cozy place to sleep are all elements of a proper environment for a healthy and happy bird.

There are numerous benefits to owning a cage cover including easily separating multiple birds and allowing for stress free transport for birds that have to travel, but the most notable pro is cage covers provide the bird with secure place to rest and relax while keeping it warm when the temperatures begin to drop.

Protection From The Elements

Mary Wyld, owner of Wyld’s Wingdom explains that a companion bird’s living quarters requires additional care during the winter months.

“Many of our exotic and pet bird breeds are originally from warm, tropical climates and cold temperatures can be a health challenge” Wyld said.

Covering the cage with a heavy and dark cage cover will protect sensitive birds from any cold drafts that may enter the bird’s environment.

Some customers may use an old bed sheet to cover their bird’s cage; however, because most sheets are made from lightweight fabrics in light colors they not only let too much light through to provide a dark place for the bird to sleep, but they still allow for cold drafts to blow through.

Bird Paradise, in Burlington N.J., offers the Sheer Guard Bird Cage Cover in small, medium and large. This cage cover comes in red and is made from an opaque material to allow for a small amount of light and proper ventilation through the cage.

“Bird owners should definitely have a cage cover on hand,” Paul Lewis, owner of Birds Unlimited, in Webster, N.Y., said. “Covering the cage at night will keep the heat in the cage and help the birds stay warm. Cage covers are a great way to help regulate a bird’s sleep cycles, calm them down during times of stress, and keeps them warm and away from drafts, but what about the inside of the cage? Many species of companion birds enjoy contact, be it from their humans or from other birds in the home. If they are living in their cage alone, adding a soft object for them to snuggle up to can help comfort them through the night.”

Keeping Cozy

In addition, some birds enjoy avian huts and hanging tent shelters called snugglies and snoozies .  These cozy shelters give the bird the option to snuggle in when they are cold Wyld said.

Wyld’s Wingdom offers many different sleepy time cage accessories. The WW Tropical Snugglie is a hanging tent made out of durable outer fabric and lined with fleece. Birds can climb in and cuddle in for a good night’s sleep.

Another sleep accessory option is the WW Avian Haven Hut, a square felt cover that hangs over the bird’s perch.  The Avian Haven Hut acts as a dark and safe space for the bird to go into and rest easily.

Wyld also recommends the WW Peekaboo Tent sleep accessory. This sleep tent includes a perch that is covered by a fleece tent top so birds can perch and sleep comfortably.

“Cage accessories are for the welfare of your bird,” Erik Christopher, president of Mango Pet Products, said. “Typically, when you purchase your cage for your bird, it will come with very little accessories. As you get to know your bird and how you can best care for your bird you may want to add accessories for fun, convenience or comfort.”

Christopher knows the importance of cage accessories and highly recommends the Corner Shelf accessory.

“It fits easily nested in the corner of any style cage and comes in either small or large,” Christopher said. “This is an extra cuddly perching area, a bird privacy area or use as a foraging shelf. This accessory compliments the cage. Also great and original designed for handicapped birds where perching a rounded wood may be much harder to do.”

It is important for customers to know their bird’s personality prior to making any decisions about their sleeping preferences. Lewis urges customers to use digression when deciding if tented sleeping accessories are right for their birds.

“I do caution people who want to use a nest box, Happy Hut, or other sleeping quarters as it may stimulate a female into egg laying and many birds may become overly protective or aggressive about them,” Lewis said. “Most birds don’t use a nest in the wild unless it’s breeding season.”

For birds that tend to exhibit aggression, Prevue Pet Products offers the Cozy Corner in various sizes to accommodate small, medium and large species.  This small piece of fuzzy fabric features two ties on the back which secure it in place in the corner of the cage.  Using the Cozy Corner allows a customer’s bird to enjoy the warmth and security of a nesting box without the protective aggression they can cause.

– Erin Salley