CleanTools to Perform Product Demos of its Dog Towel, The Absorber

Pet Age Staff//March 21, 2018

CleanTools to Perform Product Demos of its Dog Towel, The Absorber

Pet Age Staff //March 21, 2018

CleanTools, an innovator in the consumer product industry, is debuting , its super absorbent towel for dog lovers and groomers, at Global Pet Expo in booth #6367. This is the company’s first time exhibiting.

The Absorber, a superior absorbent dog towel, is ideal for drying dog coats of all kinds. Pets are dried with its proprietary, sponge-like pore structure that draws 50 percent more water out of a dog’s coat than a cotton bath towel. The towel is available to retailers in aqua, scarlett and biscuit.

“Our dog towel is a quick drying game-changer for pet product consumers and groomers alike,” said Carmen Fiordirosa, marketing director. “The Absorber dries better than any other towel to keep dogs happy and feeling pampered. We’re looking forward to displaying how well this product really works through product demonstrations at Global Pet Expo for the first time.”

The Absorber has many unique features, including:

  • Easy to wring out, making reuse a breeze.
  • No-dryer time which saves time, energy and money.
  • Convenient storage for on-the-go usage.PetBox
  • Non-woven texture that allows for dog hair to shake right off.

In addition to The Absorber for retailers, CleanTools has also released The Absorber Pro Dry for groomers. The Pro Dry series is a cost-effective drying towel for groomers, which reduces their towel usage, laundry costs and drying time. The product is available in natural and blue.

“The average grooming salon handles 55 dogs per week and can use up to two regular towels to dry each dog. That’s an average weekly laundry cost of $20.40,” Fiordirosa said. “With The Absorber Pro Dry, only one towel is needed, and it is more efficient at drying each dog with an average weekly laundry cost of only $3.44. This allows dogs to spend less time under the dryer, which lessens stress and provides a cost savings for the groomers.”



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