November 1, 2014

They depend on their owners for food, shelter, play time and other instinctual needs. Dog owners can feel a sense of pride in caring for their pets given the difficulty of maintaining such a wonderful but dependent animal.

There are a variety of products for adult dogs that can give owners a little help when caring for their pet. From leashes to beds to shampoos and more, products can do a great job of assisting owners in achieving a healthy and robust adult dog.

Out and About

Walking a dog can be both a necessity as well as a bonding experience for dogs and their owners. Having an appropriate collar and leash is important.

Coastal Pet Products has a vast array of collars and leashes with new products being developed all the time.

“For this fall, we have added fashion leather to our leather line, Circle T,” said Diane Thomas, marketing manager at Coastal. “Those are black leather collars with colored leather soft padded inside and they are jeweled.”

According to Thomas, there is also a new line of padded handled leashes so owners can look snazzy when walking their dogs.

Coastal also offers reflective collars and leashes for an added safety measure.

“It has the reflective materials that professionals wear like firefighters,” said Thomas. “It’s reflective up to 600 feet away. We develop the patterns that go onto that and we laser them here in house.”

According to Thomas, they are made in the U.S.A.

Treats and Chews

Another important element in bonding with an adult dog is treats. Making the right treat decisions is important in keeping adult dogs healthy and happy.

Nature’s Bits treats by Old Mill Pet Products are oven-baked, gluten-free dog treats. They offer both  hard  and soft versions.  Louis Angerame, director of Old Mill Products knows ingredients are important in dog treats.

“Given the healthy ingredients, no artificial colors or preservatives, my Italian grandmother had the answer,” he said. “Everything in moderation! In all seriousness, our treats are made to provide an alternative to unhealthy snacks.”

Wellness features a variety of grain-free treats with their CORE Superfood Protein Bars line. “In recent years, we’ve seen a shift in the way that pet parents shop for food for their pets,” said Chanda Leary-Coutu, senior manager of marketing communications for Wellness. “As consumers become more aware of what they are feeding their dogs, we’ve taken the same direction with our natural food and treats, incorporating nutritious, recognizable ingredients.”

According to Leary-Coutu, Core Superfood protein bars for dogs are made with ingredients like kale, blueberries and sweet potatoes.

Wellness also offers Petite Treats made specifically for owners with small and toy breeds.

“At Wellness Natural Pet Food, we recognize that the toy breed and small breed dogs in our lives have nutritional needs that are unique to dogs of their size,” said Leary-Coutu. “That’s why we developed Wellness Petite Treats, which are the perfect size for little mouths and specially formulated for the unique metabolic needs of smaller dogs. Packed with natural ingredients and flavors like lamb and cinnamon, Petite Treats also contain flaxseed, which helps promote and maintain a beautiful, shiny coat.”

Nootie also has a variety of made in the U.S.A. treats.

“Nootie yumZies and No Grainers have options that work for a variety of dog ages and breeds,” said Lonnie Schwimmer, founder of nootie. “The yumZies ‘Choose a Size’ option allow for the dog owner to break off as much or as little of the treat to please any size and age of a pet. We also feature our treats in both soft and crunchy varieties, which are beneficial for puppies and senior dogs.”

Sleepy Time

After walks and treats, dogs need somewhere to sleep they can call their own. A lot of pet owners prefer their pets sleep in their own designated zone. There are a lot of bed products that can offer adult dogs as much comfort as their owners’ beds.

For an elegant indoor look, Petmate has a framed pet bed that features a durable and realistic bed frame with plush bedding. It is perfect for small dogs.

Petmate also has heated beds for cold nights. The beds feature warm sheepskin material and have a chew-resistant power cord that plugs into any outlet.

Maher Manufacturing’s 4Legs4Pets line of pet cots is for both indoor an outdoor use. They are also easy to assemble and offer longevity.

“Our pet cots have a unique square end rail and leg system,” said Pam Maher, executive vice president of Maher Manufacturing. “If the cot ever bows, simply take the cot apart and turn the metal rails (tubing) 180 degrees and assemble the cot back. The fabric will pull the cot rails back into place.” Transport is also easy with these pet cots and can be used for multiple breeds and ages.

“It’s lightweight, stackable and no hardware or no tools are needed to assemble; our indoor/outdoor cots are perfect for place training and for overnight boarding, doggie daycare, camping, vacations, workplace and more,” said Maher.

The cots come in 104 combinations of fabric and leg color combinations. “Colors can coordinate with home and office décor and sports team colors,” said Maher.

Sometimes adult dogs must be contained when home alone. There are many products for pet owners from crates to gates.

Gates and kennels for adult dogs don’t have to be humongous eyesores. Primetime Petz has end tables that also serve as kennels to contain dogs without sacrificing home décor. The kennels come in both medium and large to accommodate multiple sizes of dogs.

Play Time

Toys are important to pet owners because they stimulate a dog’s instinctual needs as well as offer fun times for the owner.  West Paw Design offers a huge variety of dog toys specifically catered towards dog’s needs.

There is the Furry Plush Dog Toys line that give dogs something to toss, shake, fetch and cuddle. They also have silky fur and include squeakers.

A West Paw favorite is the Classic Corduroy Dog Toy which is tough for chewing and comes in a variety of designs and colors.

The Hemp Dog Toys by West Paw Design are naturally odor resistant and can be put in the washer and dryer.

To challenge and entertain dogs, West Paw features the Toppl Treat Toy. It traps treats with its inner ridges and tips over to keep dogs challenged. It’s a great way to keep an active dog busy.

West Paw also has Unstuffed Dog Toys so owners will not have to clean up any stuffing explosions.

Ethical Products Inc. also makes the popular Skinneeez toys without the cotton filling.

“While dogs love to tear through plush toys, rip out all the stuffing and find the squeaker, pet parents would rather not have all the white stuff to clean up,” said Susan McCann, national marketing manager.  “Stuffing-free toys allow dogs to enjoy a soft, plush, squeaky toy without all the mess. We’ve taken our Skinneeez toys a step further and added new features such as water bottles with beans for a rattle sound, crinkle paper, multiple squeakers and even two-liter bottles.”

Dog toys and chews can also serve as a health benefit. Paragon Products have Toothbrush Star Treats, which  is an edible toothbrush so dogs can clean their own teeth.

A special injection molding technology allows Paragon to create a highly realistic brush shape with lots of rounded points that help to clean the smaller spaces between the teeth.

The same molding allows Paragon to also produce animal shapes with the same ingredients such as alligators or hedgehogs.

Ethical Products Inc. offers a Spot Pet Laser with a bright laser and LED flashlight.

“Dogs of all ages will enjoy chasing and trying to catch the laser dot!” said McCann. “Our lasers promote bonding through interactive play which helps to keep pets active and provides exercise.”

Traveling Dogs

Adult dogs can make the perfect travel companions. When traveling with a dog, owners have to bring products along to accommodate their dogs.

Kurgo has a large collection of travel accessories from seat covers to car door guards that help keep excessive dog hair off the owners’ seats. All Kurgo products come in a wide variety of colors.

The Atomic Drop Dog Hammock attached to the back of the front seats and hangs over the seat to offer protection from pets and even children.

Kurgo also offers Booster Seats for use with smaller dogs.

“They are also a product that keeps the hair out of the car,” said Spater.

Traveling can cause some dogs to feel anxiety and so can even being in a new environment or alone. Snuggle Pet pets has got customers covered with a natural alternative to medication with their SnugglePuppies product.

“SnugglePuppies are used as an anti-anxiety, anti-depression device for all dogs; big, small, young and old alike,” said Bob Thorne, president of Snuggle Pet Products. “The prevention and correction of anxiety-related behavior issues is very important for adult dogs.”

According to Thorne, anxiety can lead to stress-related illnesses and behavioral issues.

“These problems lead to many dogs ending up in rescues or kill shelters,” he said. “I have personally provided SnugglePuppies, over many years, to rescue dogs that are shaking and watched them calm down right in front of me. It’s amazing how much more adoptable they instantly become.”

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