February 20, 2019

Pet Age recently spoke with Jen Godshall, bakery manager at Brewscuits, about the pet store’s philosophy and development from a dog treat manufacturer into a brick-and-mortar retailer.

Q What inspired the owners, Kim Triol and Petrina DiOrio, to open the store?
A They knew they had reached a point that we needed additional space for baking purposes. They also knew they wanted to stay local. They looked at a lot of different spaces in the area and had the idea that if they could bake and have a small retail area in the same space, then it was a win-win.

Q What are the range of pet products that are carried in the store?
A They knew that if they were going to have a retail space that they had to carry products beyond our treats. Having done direct-to-consumer events for the last several years they met a lot of great people making great products, but not enough people knew about them or the products. Kim and Petrina want to change that. Everything in the store is USA-made. We increased our treat line and began dehydrating local buffalo products. They like to say, “We’re not just dog biscuits anymore.” Beyond Brewscuits, we carry hemp collars, recycled bicycle tire collars/leashes, hands-free leashes, coats, toys made from fire hoses and braided toys. In our refrigerator we have a doggie frozen yogurt and a drink for dog hydration. We carry moose antlers. We even introduced a kitty korner with our home-grown catnip as well as toys. But we don’t just carry pet products; there is stuff for people too. We have candles using bottles and cans from breweries/distilleries we work with, honey, peanut butter, maple syrup and a few alpaca products.

Q How and why is “Made in the USA” so important to the Brewscuits store and line of treats?
A “Made in the USA” is an important aspect of the company for Kim and Petrina. You hear so many horror stories regarding products made overseas and it scared them. The thought of something happening to one of their animals was unbearable; that’s when they started making Brewscuits for their own dogs. They knew they had a quality product with quality ingredients and every dog [deserves] the best. Brewscuits are made in the USA. Knowing how many people they met that make these wonderful products right in our area, it just made sense to support that.

Q What charitable causes does the store support?
A Kim and Petrina have rescue animals, so supporting many of the rescues in the area is important. One of our treats, Rosie’s Autumn Brew, was inspired by a Last Chance Ranch (Quakertown, PA) dog that was found under a rose bush and survived parvo. The proceeds from that bag go back to Last Chance Ranch. They also support Mission K9 Rescue in Texas. They bring our military working dogs back when they retire.

Q How would you describe the relationship between Brewscuits and local manufacturers/artisans?
A Kim and Petrina know all of our artisan’s vendors. Like I said, they met many of them at events over the years. They can explain every product and use or own most of them. It’s easy to sell a product that you believe in. It is very difficult as a small business owner to get your product out to people, even when you have a great product. Kim and Petrina want to give these people some exposure. We know we have a small store, but they are hoping to make a great impact.

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