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Blog: Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Pets

Rebekah Harrison//October 20, 2014//

Blog: Top 5 Halloween Costumes for Pets

Rebekah Harrison //October 20, 2014//

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Halloween is my favorite holiday. It puts people in the giving spirit without the drama of Christmas since everybody already knows what to expect. I usually spend hundreds on my costume which in turn, I only end up wearing for one night.

While I love getting into the Halloween spirit, my cat, Lizzy, takes one look at my costume storage box and runs the other way. But she is a good sport and participates anyway and the results are fantastic.

There is nothing better than returning to a pet store every year and selecting my favorite costumes for Lizzy as well as other family pets to make this year’s Halloween the best one yet. Here are a few of my favorites for 2014.

1. AT-AT Imperial Walker by Rubie’s









I am a Star Wars freak so when I saw this beauty, I just had to pick it up for my mother’s dog. This costume includes a jacket with leg pieces and a headpiece to immediately transform any dog into a dreaded Imperial Walker.


2. Pet Paint








Pet Paint allows me to turn Lizzy into anything I desire. It’s veterinarian tested and safe for pets. Pets can ingest it safely and it’s very easy to wash off.

3. Candy Corn Charm Velvet Collar by Mirage Pet Products





These velvet collars are so cute and are much more functional than a full on costume. It’s velvet and comes in both orange and black. Mirage also has a number of other Halloween collars in nylon with other designs that will certainly brighten up any pet for the holiday.

4. Dumb & Dumber Harry and Lloyd Costumes by Rasta Imposta











These come with a jacket and attached shirt and tie and are well, awesome.

5. Wooly Mammoth Dog Costume by Animal Planet











Most dogs would probably hate this but it is so charming that it will surely be a hit with anyone. The costume includes headpiece with ears, trunk and tusks and the costume has feet and tail attached.








For less of an obtrusive costume that still gives off the prehistoric vibe, I also loved Animal Planets Triceratops costume. It’s only a headpiece but it is still pretty adorable.


Honorable Mentions

1. Jingle Cat Collar by Rubie’s











Perfect for Christmas time, it reminds me of a Dickens’ Christmas story and would match any cat perfectly.

2. Holy Hound Halloween Dog Costume by California Costumes











This costume is a two-piece set that includes a printed miter and costume. It’s sure to be the hit of any Halloween shindig.

3. Superman Leash with Cape by Spirit Halloween











This is a low-maintenance option for pet owners that will still impress.