BH Pet Gear Launches the AKC Cooling Essentials to Help Dogs Beat the Heat

May 17, 2017

Most dogs love to walk, run and play in the sun, but it’s important for pet parents to remember that heat and your dog can be a dangerous combination. Overheating can put our beloved canine at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke, which can be potentially fatal. Knowing the signs and using preventative measures is crucial. BH Pet Gear says it is proud to announce the launch of its newest collection: AKC Cooling Essentials. This innovative line includes the AKC Cooling Vest, AKC Life Vest and the AKC Pet Cooling Mat.

It’s never too early to start planning for the dog days of summer, especially if it could potentially save a dog’s life. Dog fur is great protection against the cold but can often be a real problem in the hot weather. Unlike humans, dogs eliminate heat mainly by panting and minimally through glands on their paw pads. Sometimes panting isn’t enough for them to cool down, and when this happens their body temperature rises.

The AKC Cooling Vest provides your fur-friend with a cooling effect that lasts four to six hours. Available in pink and blue, the vest is simple to slip on with a Velcro closure on back and reflective trim, which helps to keep dogs visible at night. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL, the vest is portable and easy to use on the go. It’s eco-friendly too! Whether you’re headed out for a walk, hike or an adventure at the beach, the cooling vest will prevent your pooch from overheating while enjoying those outdoor excursions during high temperatures.

For the water pups that love to take a swim to cool off, Fido can be kept afloat with the AKC Life Vest. Swimming in the water is a quick way for your dog to feel refreshed, but it’s important to remember that not all dogs are expert swimmers. A life jacket can help ensure safety. The AKC Life Vest comes in two vibrant colors, orange and yellow. Available in XS, S, M, L and XL, it is ‘paw-fect’ for dogs of all sizes!

After a nice dip in the pool, your pup can lounge and soak up the sun on the AKC Pet Cooling Mat. Great for indoor and outdoor use, the cooling mat will keep your dogs cool in the warmer months. No batteries required and easily foldable, which makes traveling with it easy. The mat is water resistant and dirt repellent too! This innovative and super cool mat comes in three sizes: 20×16, 26×30 and 30×24.

Early signs your dog is overheating include, increased heart rate, acting sluggish or confused, excessive thirst, panting very hard, a bright red tongue, or vomiting. Before allowing these symptoms to occur, try to be mindful of the weather and take appropriate precautions to ensure your pup stays cool and hydrated.

The AKC Cooling Essentials can help not only dogs who are in the sun, but also those who have a fever.

Canines naturally have hotter body temperatures than humans. Normal temperatures in dogs range from 99.5 to 102.5 degrees F. When a dog has a fever, the rectal temperature is equal to or above 103.1 degrees F. The most common cause of a fever is an infection, but vaccinations can also cause a low-grade fever for about 24 to 48 hours after administration. Stress and agitation can also increase your dog’s body temperature. The AKC Cooling Vest can keep Fido cool, calm and collected during a fever or a stressful situation.

Another beneficial feature of the vest is that it comes in “fear-free” coloring: light blue and light pink. The fear-free movement is a growing trend in the pet world and aims to eliminate things in the vet’s office that bother dogs and cats, while adding things they like.

The idea that dogs only see the world in black, white and shades of gray is a common misconception. To an animal’s eyes, a white lab coat and harsh lighting is like a bright glowing beacon and can be scary. More veterinarians are adopting a fear-free environment and incorporating pastel painted walls, scrubs and lab coats throughout their office in order to keep animals feeling calm. With this said, the light colored cooling vest will help to keep Fido in a relaxed state of mind.


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