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BH Pet Gear Chooses Sole Product Distributor

Pet Age Staff//August 9, 2015//

BH Pet Gear Chooses Sole Product Distributor

Pet Age Staff //August 9, 2015//

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BH Pet Gear entered a sole distribution agreement with U.K. pet products importer AmPet to distribute its American Kennel Club Calming Coat collection.

“We are delighted to sign an agreement with BH Pet Gear and distribute the AKC Calming Coat collection throughout the U.K.,” said Alex Wilson, sales and marketing director of AmPet. “There’s a real need for products that help pets with stress-related issues, and the Calming Coat has had much success in doing just that in a simple and safe way.”

“Over 23 million dogs are suffering from anxiety or fear issues in the U.S. alone,” said Matthew Dweck, founder and president of BH Pet Gear. “BH Pet Gear is honored to partner with a passionate company like AmPet Products. This is great opportunity for us and we’re ready to bring a positive and effective solution to stressed pets in the U.K.!”