September 12, 2016

Pet Age’s Alexandra Wepner spoke with Platinum Pets President Kate Jones about the company’s signature style and extensive catalog.

Q How did Platinum Pets get its start?
A Platinum Pets started with a simple desire to create a bowl for pets that looked better than anything we could find in the market. The powder coating process was being used in a separate business venture and we thought, “What would happen if we powder coated a stainless steel bowl?”

We tried it, loved the results and launched Platinum Pets.

Q What was the company’s first product?
A We started with our Non-Tip bowls. We knew the powder coat would create a great looking bowl, but we wanted to improve that. Our designers worked with our manufacturing partner to construct each bowl from a single mold using high quality, surgical grade stainless steel to eliminate any seams, preventing leaks.

The bowl is also designed with a wide base and fitted with a silicone ring to prevent any sliding.

Q How has your catalog expanded since then? What motivated each move to a new sector of the market?
A We came across several veterinarian studies that touted the health benefits of raised diners for dogs. The data convinced us this was a great opportunity to take our bowls and match them with a raised platform. The challenge for our designers was to create a raised diner that accentuates the beauty of our bowls.

The Modern Diner is a perfect example. It starts with wrought iron that is hand forged into sleek, clean lines and then powder coated with a flat black finish. We pair the stand with a bowl that features a wide rim for a cozy fit for easy removal and cleaning.

The design and color scheme of the Modern Diner creates the perfect setting for the delicious colors of our Wide Rimmed bowls to pop. The diners come in a variety of sizes and bowl configurations so customers can create the perfect setting for their pet’s dining experience.

Q What are the ideas behind the designs of your brightly colored products?
A The variety of colors in the Platinum Pets bowls reflect the colorful lives of our customers’ pets. Everybody at Platinum Pets is a pet owner and we’ve all shared hilarious stories about how our pets make us laugh and bring joy to our lives. The design and color palate of the Platinum Pets bowls allows customers to give their pets the best dining setting at the same time they celebrate the personalities of their dogs and cats.

Q What sets your products apart from any stainless steel or plastic bowls?
A Our proprietary powder coating process is the clear differentiator. We initially used the powder coat to create a better looking bowl. We soon discovered the benefits go far beyond just the appearance.

The powder coating process creates a bowl that is 74 percent more resistant to sodium deposits that cause rust, 94 percent more resistant to dents, scratches or chips and has an increased resistance to bacteria.

The entire process is also environmentally friendly and uses nontoxic and hygenic materials.

Q What drives you to continue business in the pet industry?
A Market studies show pet ownership is on the rise, the industry is expanding and pet owners increasingly want premium products.

We believe this puts Platinum Pets in the perfect position to continue giving our customers the highest quality bowls, diners and other products so their cats and dogs live long, healthy and colorful lives.

That promising outlook is also driving our innovation team to take customer feedback and use that information along with industry trends to develop new and exciting products.

Q What’s next for Platinum Pets?
A We’re really excited about this fall’s launch of our lost pet finder, Pawsitively Safe. It features an identification tag that is matched with a unique, secure code that a pet owner registers by visiting our new website. If a pet is ever lost, the owner can use the site to create lost posters and trigger an alert system that will notify veterinarians and pet shelters in their immediate area. The tag also gives anyone who might find a lost pet an easy way to contact the owner and let them know their family friend is safe and waiting to be returned.

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