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BEAK Gets Support from Petland, PSP

Pet Age Staff//February 19, 2020//

BEAK Gets Support from Petland, PSP

Pet Age Staff //February 19, 2020//

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Press release: The Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition (BEAK)

The Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition (BEAK) is pleased to announce Pet Supplies Plus and Petland, Inc., two of the nation’s largest pet retail chains, have joined the growing number of companies committed to funding and providing resources in a collaborative effort to grow bird ownership.

Supporters of BEAK also include: the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), World Pet Association (WPA), F.M. Brown’s, Higgins Premium Pet Foods, Jones Seed Company, Lafeber Company, Mazuri, Prevue Pet Products, Inc., Vitakraft Sun Seed, Inc., Ware Pet Products and Wyld’s Wingdom.

“BEAK is continually seeking to expand its already successful efforts and the addition of these two large retailers will help us do just that,” said Cecil Campbell, vice president of membership of BEAK. “We’re thrilled to have the support of Pet Supplies Plus and Petland and hope the example they are setting by joining our efforts will only continue to inspire additional companies and organizations to also become supporters.”

BEAK has created a public-facing marketing campaign called myBird. Designed to be a fun, educational resource for both current and potential bird owners, myBird is dedicated to sharing the joys and benefits of birds as pets and educating on responsible bird care. The campaign’s website features an interactive quiz that matches respondents with the right bird for their lifestyle. After completing the quiz, users are presented their ideal bird match. They’re also directed to a handy bird locator designed to help them find birds available for sale or adoption close to home. BEAK invites bird businesses to be featured on the pet bird locator at no cost. Whether a business sells birds or bird products, this unique opportunity has helped retailers around the country improve their visibility and boost their pet bird and bird product sales. The popular site also includes an avian locator that informs bird owners of care facilities in their area and additional resources for current and potential bird owners.

“As we continue to garner more support from the industry, we are confident we can accomplish our mission and add more pet birds to responsible loving homes,” said Brent Weinmann, chairman of BEAK.

If you would like more information about BEAK and how you can get involved, contact BEAK’s executive director, Steve Hellem [email protected] or (202) 441-0942.