BAYDOG’s Officially Licensed NCAA Harnesses Launch at Global Pet Expo

Glenn Polyn//February 22, 2023//

BAYDOG’s Officially Licensed NCAA Harnesses Launch at Global Pet Expo

Glenn Polyn //February 22, 2023//

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Press release: BAYDOG

The Chesapeake Bay Dog Company is proud to announce their newest product, the BAYDOG College Harness. The new offering, featuring 23 different college teams from across the BIG 10, ACC, SEC, Ivy League and all three service academies, will be introduced at the Global Pet Expo in March in Orlando, Florida.

Company founder and CEO Barton O’Brien stated, “We weren’t planning to make licensed products, but I was approached by the buyer for the Naval Academy bookstore who asked if we could make a harness with the Academy logo. As Naval Academy graduate myself, of course, I said yes.”

The College Harness is based on BAYDOG’s best-selling Chesapeake harness, but instead of a handle on the back, it features a panel that prominently displays the college logo. It also features two attachments points (one on the top and a second on the chest to counter pulling), a padded breast plate, and four different adjustment points to create the perfectly sung, yet comfortable fit.

Accorging to O’Brien, what sets BAYDOG’s College Harness apart from the competition is the quality.

“I noticed the licensing category mostly consisted of novelty and promotional products, so we took our best-selling harness and modified it, so people can support their school with an awesome, high-quality harness they can use every day, not just on game day,” O’Brien explained.

Another big differentiator is how the College Harness is displayed in retail –each school has a custom hanger card, featuring their colors, mascots, and/or well-known university landmarks.

O’Brien concluded, “There really is nothing like it on the market today.”