BabelBark to Use its $4.5 Million Funding to Continue Rapid Growth

August 16, 2018

BabelBark, Inc., a pet related software developer, has completed its Series A funding with $4.5 million raised on the heels of over 300 percent growth in number of dogs connected on the platform since beginning of 2018. The $4.5 million represents an increase to the original Series A funding target of $2.9 million. BabelBark will use the additional funding to continue to expand its reach and services globally, invest in additional marketing resources and recruit top talent.

“We are excited for this strong financial support from both of our new and existing investors who share our vision to connect everyone in a pet’s life,” said Roy Stein, founder and CEO. “We are ahead of our targets in every parameter, and this funding expansion will help us reach more than 250,000 pets on the platform in the next six months, allowing BabelBark to become the most connective and comprehensive platform across the pet care community in North America in a year.”

The company recently announced significant expansion of its revolutionary mobile app and software platform with the inclusion of cat breeds as well as dogs, bringing the emerging BabelBark platform to be a useful resources for helping companion animals live happy, healthy lives.

Launched in 2016, BabelBark connects pets with pet care businesses (i.e. veterinary practices, trainers, shelters, groomers, walkers, pet sitters, boarding kennels, and more within the pet care community) through a digital platform with a mobile application. It offers seamless activity monitoring, connection to primary care and emergency veterinary services, medical records and medication reminders, regional/local pet service providers and tailor-matched products to prescriptively and proactively help pet parents monitor and manage their pet’s unique needs.

BabelBark is a fully collaborative platform and an ingenious suite of products including:

 The first is BabelBark, a mobile app helping pet parents manage their pets’ records, medications, diet, activity and more. And adding an optional health monitor will only enhance the pet owner’s ability to improve their pet’s health. The app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play for free.

 The second is BizBark, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps independent pet businesses such as groomers, shelters, trainers, walkers, boarders and others manage their business and marketing efforts so they can concentrate on their service. It helps them become top of mind with their customers.

It is this pet service-specific portal of the BabelBark platform that independent pet retailers could use to strengthen their business.

“BizBark is designed for the independent pet retailers, allowing them the capability to do everything from client management, promote services, client engagement, to topics like nutritional advice, food and treat recommendations, activity and weight,” Stein told Pet Age. “With the BizBark portal and the corresponding BabelBark app, the pet retailer can become a full adviser to the pet parent, so creating a higher level of loyalty and engagement.”

Stein also points out that the greater BizBark platform “enables the retailer to connect with the full ecosystem for the pet—the groomer, walker, trainer, retailer—and all of these create the ‘one stop shop’ the pet parent wants.” In turn, independent pet retailers can get a leg up on big box and e-commerce sites, he explained.

“And the best part, the basic retailer BizBark portal and pet parent app are free with no obligation or hidden cost,” Stein said. “The premium versions are subscription based.”

Lastly, there is BabelVet, a powerful software platform which fully integrates with a veterinary practice’s management system allowing the ability to share a pet’s full profile and health care stats instantly, whenever needed. Everything from exercise levels to diet data to medicine dosage to vaccination records, all in one easy-to-access place. It finally allows veterinarians to connect directly with their patient’s health data to deliver a more complete level of care.

“BabelBark helps veterinarians gain access to innovation and differentiation to ensure independent practices are on the same playing field as large corporate groups,” said Bill Rebozo, founder, product and market strategist for BabelBark. “The platform puts the veterinarian back in the center of care and enables the pet parent access to not just information but actionable data from remote monitoring to extended services offered outside of the veterinary practice and between visits.

“No other solution on the market incorporates this level of connectivity and care,” he continued. “Technology is the great equalizer of the future, ensuring pet parents can interact with their chosen veterinarian and local pet care providers in the way they want—with their smartphone and mobile devices. It’s a win-win for all.”

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