BabelBark Partners with IVPA

Pet Age Staff//October 14, 2019

BabelBark Partners with IVPA

Pet Age Staff //October 14, 2019

Press release: BabelBark

BabelBark, Inc., a pet-related software developer, has announced a partnership with the Independent Veterinary Practice Association (IVPA), an organization of 390 members in 42 states representing the interests and needs of privately owned hospitals in North America, to leverage new marketing tools to help educate pet owners on the benefits of having an independent veterinary practice. 

According to new data from the Vetalytic Report as well as the VHMA Monthly study, year over year there is a decline in vaccine usage as well as the continued downturn in the total number of veterinary visits into practices. This data paints an uncertain future for the profession and as pet ownership continues to rise.  

“This shift in dynamics is having a significant impact on the independent practices. Each one is trying to find new ways to compete against the corporate practices,” says Bruce Truman, vice president of sales and marketing for BabelBark. “Today, technology has made it so easy for the independent practice to have a true competitive edge against the corporate practices.”

Truman adds, technology goes beyond implementing a new software, today’s advancements allow for a new level of connected care by allowing independent practices to enhance the pet parent experience while also freeing up time in the exam room through the facilitation of virtual medical progress exams.

According to the American Pet Products Association, millennials (ages 18–34) are now the largest pet owning demographic and have the highest propensity for technology, leading most experts to recognize having a digital connection between a pet owner and a veterinarian can and will impact a pet’s overall health. BabelBark brings both remote patient monitoring and real-time health monitoring that can set, manage and monitor a pet’s activity goals, both providing immediate and critical information on a pet’s health. 

“Having an organization like BabelBark come forward with true, easy to implement solutions as well as invest in creating a video to help drive local pet owner business to IVPA members is absolutely incredible,” says Dr. Bonnie Bragdon, co-founder and president of IVPA.


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