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Attention to Detail in Grooming

Pet Age Staff//May 29, 2019//

Attention to Detail in Grooming

Pet Age Staff //May 29, 2019//

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With more pet parents popping up worldwide, the pet grooming industry has continued to grow in recent years. However, what many may not realize is how much skill it takes to become a pawesome pet groomer—not to mention the patience needed as well. As more people take their furry friends to the groomer, fun new trends have come alive in the pet grooming business. From unique cuts and styles to creative coloring and blow-drying techniques, pet groomers work hard to keep your pets looking perfect. Below are some of the hottest trends in the grooming trade, including popular products, techniques and services you can look for.

Simple Won’t Cut It

When it comes to grooming, many pet parents just think of fun “Instagrammable” hairstyles like the super cute teddy bear cut or the puppy cut—but grooming involves much more than that. Groomers pay close attention to a pet’s skin, coat, ears, nails and teeth. In fact, many grooming salons now offer teeth and ear cleanings. A growing trend is the use of organic and natural pet products in the grooming industry. Many companies are manufacturing products for pets containing CBD, found in both hemp and cannabis plants, which can reduce seizures in pets with epilepsy, relieve pain and mitigate anxiety. Pet owners who have tried alternative therapies themselves are likely to use them on their pets as well. From aromatherapy and massages to physical therapy, grooming salons are offering tons of unique services. Pet parents want to know that their furry friends are getting the very best treatment—they are family, after all. All pets need preventive care and you’ll see that the grooming industry is growing to include more than just haircuts.

puppy-2595917_1920On-Demand Care

When it comes to caring for your pets, convenience is key—and more and more groomers are cashing in on that trend. In fact, many pet salon owners are taking their business to the streets! Mobile grooming units are becoming increasingly popular as the pet industry continues to boom. These mobile salons are not only flashy and fun but can also help to ease a pet’s anxiety if they normally become overwhelmed by larger salons. These are also helpful for communities with older folks who may not be able to bring their pets into a grooming salon. Additionally, pet parents can now book luxury grooming services for their four-legged friends with the tap of an app. One such app is called iPet on Demand and includes services for both felines and canines.

Modern Millennial

According to recent reports, 7 in 10 millennials now own a pet, surpassing the baby boomers. Of course while millennials are concerned with their pet’s health above all else, this generation loves a good look as well. From cute pigtails and braids to fun top knots, many pet parents are choosing to give their pups and kittens a dif-fur-ent look. In fact, more grooming salons are offering unique cuts and colors for their clients. Pet parents can add a pop of color using pet-safe dyes and paints! Whether it’s a holiday, special occasion or just for fun, color can be added to tails, beards, ears or mohawks, or even using unique stenciled designs! Pet-safe nail color is another fun way to spice up a pet’s look.

Grooming Licenses

While there are no formal licensing requirements to be a professional groomer, a growing number of people are fighting for legislatures to create laws to protect our pets. From New York and New Jersey to North Carolina, Rhode Island and more, senators are introducing new legislation to regulate groomers. With more millennials taking a stand for their pet’s health, this trend will surely be in the headlines in the foreseeable future.

As pet ownership continues to rise, the grooming industry will see trends to fit the types of care and products that people are looking for. Pet humanization will continue to lead to unique new services offered across the globe. What will be next? It’s impossible to know, but we’re excited to find out!