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ArmOR Hand Gloves Named Official Working Glove for CA Wildlife Rescuer

Glenn Polyn//May 19, 2021//

ArmOR Hand Gloves Named Official Working Glove for CA Wildlife Rescuer

Glenn Polyn //May 19, 2021//

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Press release: ArmOR Hand Gloves

ArmOR Hand Gloves, a leading manufacturer of protective gloves for wild animal handlers and veterinary caregivers, is pleased to announce that they have been named the “Official Glove” for all staff working with well-known author, lecturer and wildlife rescuer Ben Nuckolls. Based in Sacramento, Calif. Nuckolls is celebrating 30 years of wildlife rescue and protection of California native wildlife.

Nuckolls and staff have been using ArmOR Hand Gloves during several recent wildlife rescues including the freeing of an owl that was trapped inside a wall at an airport hanger.

“Using ArmOR Hand gloves I was able to safely get to and rescue the owl. The owl was transported to Sacramento Wildlife Care Association for a medical evaluation. Another successful rescue,” said Nuckolls. “These gloves have helped free and rescue everything from bald eagles, opossums, to turkey vultures and beavers.  These gloves are the best.”

Developed and designed to protect against animal related injuries, the ArmOR® hand gloves provide handlers and caregivers the protection and dexterity needed to properly restrain and perform procedures. These form-fitting gloves are comfortable and durable while providing protection from bites and scratches from finger tips to elbows.

“We have been working with Ben for a few years now and are very proud to be considered the glove of choice for him and his staff of wildlife rescuers,” said veterinarian Laura Catena, DVM and founder of ArmOR Hand Gloves. “The handlers really put the gloves to the test.”

Perfect for professional animal caregivers, pet owners, wild life rehabbers, groomers and others, these gloves are constructed of all synthetic materials including Kevlar and stretch Cordura and provide protection from the tips of the fingers to the elbows. Elastic wrists insure a good fit for increased mobility while the rubber fingertips provide improved restraint control. The gloves are machine washable and can be wiped down to help prevent zoonotic and infectious disease transmission.

Founded in 2015 by veterinarian Laura Catena DVM, the Pittsburgh-based ArmOR Hand Glove Company is dedicated to changing the way we provide protection for ourselves while caring for animals. ArmOR Hand gloves offer protection, cost savings, safety, low stress handling and they are professionally endorsed.