Anthropomorphic Cat

Pet Age Staff//July 31, 2019//

Anthropomorphic Cat

Pet Age Staff //July 31, 2019//

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Pet humanization, also known as anthropomorphism, has been popular in the industry for quite some time now as more and more people want to give products with a human twist to their fur children. This trend is likely a result of pets being considered less as possessions and more as four-legged family members. It also helps owners feel more connected to their pets.

And then there’s the mere entertainment factor; many people think it’s funny to see animals with humanlike products, much like those who find it amusing to dress up as animals for Halloween.

Cat products have been a big part of pet humanization. As an example, for anyone who wants to feel like they’re fishing with their cat, there’s a toy for that. Or for those who want to give their kitty catnip in packaging that makes it look like marijuana or wine, there are products for that, too! There are even catnip items that allow pet owners to express their political frustrations vicariously through their cat as it kicks and bites toys resembling controversial world leaders.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to cat products catering to the rise in pet humanization. And retailers are no doubt taking notice of this growing trend, stocking their shelves with as many humanlike items as possible.

Manufacturers should also be watching this space while making new products that strike the fancy of cat owners who have a sense of humor and a willingness to spend money on their pets for various occasions. After all, humans exchange gifts for birthdays and holidays, so don’t cats—who are now considered part of the family—deserve the same special treatment? We certainly think so! They just might need some help unwrapping presents.

55119_PrimetimePetz_Tripod_White_Lifestyle1_sqHauspanther TriPod

Cats love to sit in sinks, so the Hauspanther TriPod from the Haupsanther Collection by Primetime Petz was designed to create the same feeling. A clear plastic lounge pod makes the perfect place for kitty to curl up, and metal hairpin legs give the TriPod a sleek, mid-century modern look. The plastic pod can accommodate a variety of other uses, including toy storage, cat grass planter, beverage server, ice bucket or candy dish!




A_FRAME_MAA-Frame Cat Bed

Versatile and chic, the A-Frame Cat Bed is a stylish end table for owners and a comfortable bed and scratcher for their cats. With a plush cushion for lounging and a lengthy scratching surface, the A-Frame Cat Bed will be a cat’s favorite place to nap and scratch. If placed over an air vent, cats will enjoy the ventilated bed in warm and cold temperatures.








PPD-Don-frontFUZZU Donald and Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin Toys

It’s all about Donald! Stylin’ with his golden tan, quaffed plush hair and flashy garb, this cat toy features top-stitched floppy elbows and knees for active play and strategic posing. Putin is bow-legged, high in the saddle and loaded for bear (or cat). He’s a one-man pistol-packin’ pardner on the prairie! Both toys are available in 8-inch size and feature U.S.-grown certified-organic catnip.






GONEFISHIN Ethical PetGone Fishin’ Cat Toys

Award-winning Gone Fishin’ are digitally printed realistic-looking fish. Available in small-size toys, larger “hug n kick” size and teaser wands. Each lifelike fish contains irresistible catnip and crinkle inside. Cats will love to chase, hug and bat around these toys. Each item is available as three assorted fish.





DuckyWorld Products BananaYeowww! Chi-CAT-a Banana

This catnip banana is 100 percent stuffed full of premium, organically grown catnip. No cotton fillers, no plastic pieces and certainly none of that “toy-grade” stuff. The fabric is high-quality cotton twill, strong enough to withstand biting, scratching and bunny-kicking. Yeowww! Catnip toys are handmade in the USA.






Meowijuana is 100 percent organic catnip that is grown in southern California and the state of Washington and then hand-trimmed. The catnip is presented in marijuana-inspired packaging and given marijuana-inspired names, such as “Catnip Buds,” “Catnip Blunt,” “Catnibas Meowy J’s” and the brand’s most popular item, “Purrple Passion.”





Apolo PeakCatbernet Cat Wine

The Black Label Series offers pets an all-natural beverage treat option that is brewed with only the finest ingredients and that is designed to entice and attract even the pickiest of cats and dogs. With bold flavors, the Catbernet is brewed with all-natural catnip and a hint of peppermint, while the Malbark is brewed with peppermint and anise. Both are made with 100 percent organic beets grown in the USA.






Presidio Cat SushiCat Sushi

Made from 100 percent premium Japanese tuna, Cat Sushi is a healthy, delicious, single-ingredient treat. Cat Sushi is an authentic Japanese delicacy. While other bonito flakes might be sourced from around the world and repackaged domestically, Cat Sushi is fished, prepared and packaged all in Japan. Produced using the same human-grade techniques as are used in traditional Japanese cuisine, Cat Sushi works great as an appetizer and can be mixed with dry and wet food.



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