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Animal Causes and Charitable Giving

Pet Age Staff//June 12, 2013//

Animal Causes and Charitable Giving

Pet Age Staff //June 12, 2013//

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Animals, and their welfare, rank in the top three when it comes to the top relatable charitable causes, and in turn are more likely to donate to, according to a survey conducted by is a crowd funding platform for causes. Animals ranked in the top three, along with child welfare causes and causes for specific diseases, with nearly half of Americans, 49 percent, saying that they especially relate to animal causes.

“We have hundreds of fundraisers for animal welfare on Razoo, for all types of animals, and they are some of the most popular and most successful,” Lesley Mansford, CEO of, said. “The fact that so many Americans regard animal welfare as one of the easiest causes to relate to isn’t a surprise to us, but we are delighted to see it rank as high as it has.”

The national survey conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Razoo of 2,059 U.S. adults during the week of Nov. 8 through Nov. 12th also found that 94 percent of U.S. adults say they have donated to those in need.

It seems people find donating to others to be one of their three favorite “feel good” activities.

When asked what life events and activities give them the most pleasure from a given list, they responded to the survey by saying: Being in love, 56 percent; hugging my children, 48 percent; donating to others in need, 45 percent.