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ALZOO Pet Parent Company AB7 America Earns B Corp Certification

Glenn Polyn//May 22, 2023//

ALZOO Pet Parent Company AB7 America Earns B Corp Certification

Glenn Polyn //May 22, 2023//

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Press release: ALZOO

 ALZOO makes their commitment to sustainability official by becoming a Certified B Corporation. The B Corp label is recognized and trusted by consumers looking to support and use products from brands that are known to have the best social and environmental practices. AB7 America, Inc., the developer of ALZOO products, is elated to have earned this rigorous certification that helps make the company’s mission and day-to-day operations more transparent.

“Earning our B Corp Certification is another step in our ethical operations framework that puts pets over profits with a focused commitment to our community, environment, employees and customers. Before the certification, we held ourselves accountable with the highest standards as a Benefit Corporation. Now, we drive that accountability even further with public assessments of our business,” said Philippe Chelle, CEO of ALZOO.

In order for companies to achieve the B Corp Certification, they must achieve 80 points or higher in B-Lab’s rigorous assessment of 200-plus questions (the average company achieves 50 points following their initial assessment), including a legal requirement to make business decisions based on social and environment objectives instead of maximizing profit. Some of these include:

  • Integrating ethics, responsibility, and transparency into the company’s vision, value and statutes.
  • Providing excellent employee working conditions including compensation, social benefits, training, health, safety and more.
  • Incorporating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Supply Chain Management policies that advocate for and improve the social wellbeing of the communities in which they operate.
  • Improving the environment as a sustainable and regenerative economy (reduction of the carbon footprint, impact on air, climate, water, land and biodiversity).
  • Benefitting customers with products and services that support the common good.


“Acquiring our B Corp Certification was a long and arduous process, but completely worth the time and effort, as we are now among an inspiring group of companies, such as The Body Shop, Patagonia, Toms and others who strive to make a difference in the world, as do we. B Lab’s B Corp Certification comes with a high set of standards and expectations that define governance, social, environmental best practices for businesses,” explained Chelle. “At AB7 America and ALZOO, we strive to make a difference in the lives of pets, the people that work for and with us, and the planet by developing and manufacturing sustainable, plant and science-based pet care products, while creating a work environment and company culture that sets itself apart from traditional for-profit companies. AB7 America is focused on social and environment goals and programs that create a healthy living environment on a healthy planet.”

Throughout its 50 years in business, AB7 has assured customers that buying ALZOO means buying the best natural healthcare products for your pets and reducing harm to the planet. ALZOO uses science, ingenuity, safe ingredients and sustainable practices to empower you, your pet and your family to engage in what matters most. From pet care product formulas, to packaging, to the workplace environment, ALZOO continuously strives to raise the bar. They are a premiere member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, a community that promotes natural, sustainable pet products with low carbon footprints and positive results in pets’ and people’s lives. Most recently, for the second year running, ALZOO participated in the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s “Earth Day Rally  to Take 10,000 Actions for Environmental Change.”